Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ready for a Throw Down?

So, anyone that knows me, knows that as the end of August approches I begin to get a bit (okay, more than a bit) excited about a certain upcoming September event! I start gathering camping supplies, making packing lists and gearing up for BLUEGRASS!! It's the third weekend in September, every year...and Justin and I look forward to it with as much aniticipation and excitement as the birth of our first child. Okay, it's a close second to Barrett's arrival into this world :)

Well, this year will be a bit different for us. We're still camping with our good 'ol friends David and Tonya, and all our other bluegrass "family" members! Can't wait to see you guys...especially our camp Mom and Dad, Gayle and Mary...they take care of us kiddos and even fix us pancake breakfasts!! But, we'll have little Barrett with us some of the time, getting his first taste of Bluegrass music and camp life! Thank goodness for grandmas and grandpas living in town, we've got babysitters ready to rescue him when he's had enough of his Daddy's banjo playing!
This year will also be different because our FAVORITE group...The Wilders...will NOT be there! If you've been to a festival, you've heard The Wilders and their old country and bluegrass tunes! Betse on fiddle, Ike on guitar and lead vocals, Phil on a little of everything, and Nate on bass. They are high energy and we love, love, love catching every single one of their shows during the four-day festival. Especially the 2am show on Stage 5!Well, apparently this year the festival officals have decided not to invite The Wilders to play, in hopes that audiences will explore new groups and musicians! Well, I think that just plain NUTS!! I was sooooo ready for a Wilders THROW DOWN! I was so dissapointed to hear this news, I emailed Betse to let her know they would be missed dearly AND I emailed the festival to share my thoughts on their brainiac idea! I have no idea what they were thinking, because I of course didn't get a reply from them :)

Well, if you're still reading (thanks for letting me vent) and are interested to hear what this group sounds like, check out their blog and website ---> links are in my sidebar :)


  1. Ah sweet bluegrass!! I, too am soo excited. Everytime I drive by the fairgrounds I get chills.
    I'm also upset about The Wilders not being there. Dang. We will play their cd's LOUD and often!!
    I'm even more excited to making all these memories with you guys! I love you all and we'll see you very soon!!

  2. I am so excited for you. I know how much you look forward to it. I am sure Barrett will love it just as much as his parents. Try to not think about it all the time but I am sure that will be hard, it is like your Christmas in September!

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun. I love camping in the fall. And it's always fun to look forward to yearly traditions.

    By the way, hope your invite order is progressing. I'm through my with my larger orders. It's nice to have a little break to breath. :)

  4. Sounds like you are getting excited. Hadley will hopefully get to exprience her first blugrass this year.


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