Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Letters to my Little Bear-13th Edition

Happy SEVEN months, Little Bear! Today is Tuesday, August 19, 2008, and you celebrated your seven-month milestone yesterday! The months just continue to fly by. You did so much between July 18 and August 18...scooting, crawling, pulling up, getting teeth! It was a busy time for you! Here is the picture Mommy takes of you every month with your monkey...he's still shrinking!

This month was a bit more of a challenge for me, as you were more interested in pulling up on the back of the chair to get to the goodies on the table!

This is your new face, by the way...When you get excited, you scrunch up your nose, squint your eyes and squeal!

Last week I started giving you a sippy cup of water, since you are always interested in Mommy's water glass. You seemed to know just what to do with it, and I think you enjoy having your cup. Last Friday, the 15th was Aunt Kim's birthday!! I took some pictures of you holding a card you made for her and we used them to make a cute magnet frame for her fridge.

You weren't too sure what to think at first...Mommy usually takes paper away from you when you find it!

Then you decided you had the munchies...and before I could get to you, you'd taken a bite out of the corner of your card! Oops!! I was scared to death you were going to gag on this tiny piece of paper, and I tried to dig it out of your mouth, but you weren't having it. So, it got washed down and came out in your diaper the next morning!

You started getting your first tooth last Monday, the 11th and it was a little rough, but we got through it. Daddy was holding you and I was giving you kisses before I left for my meeting last night and I noticed you had ANOTHER tooth on the bottom, right next to the first one! Guess this one came in a little easier, because we didn't even notice. That is until this morning...you've been a bit of a crabby-pants today! Here's a picture I snapped while we were on our morning walk yesterday. It's not a great picture, but you can see your teeth! (Readers: you might have to click and enlarge the picture to see them)

As you can see, you were dressed up in your Bluegrass tie-dye yesterday morning! A lady Mommy used to work with made this onesie for you, and she also made one for Norah Kate. Megan and I wanted to get a picture of you both in them before you outgrew them, so I took a blanket on our walk and we had a little photo session in the park! I didn't get any great shots, but you two make adorable Bluegrass babies, none the less!!

This is you and Mommy last Saturday evening. We were getting ready to go to the annual BBQ at Lydia's house. It was a fun evening, with LOTS of other babies to play with! You were a good boy, but we had to cut our party a little shorter than in past years to get you home for bedtime.

I'll end with these pictures I took of you last week! You were looking out the front door and being such a little ham! You love to lean against the door and pull yourself up...Mommy tells you "no, no" and that you're too little to be doing that stuff!

I think that's why you gave me this look

Looking forward to another wonderful week, being home with YOU! Tonight when Daddy gets home from work, we're going to Wal-Mart to get some child-proofing devices! You have discovered every drawer and cabinet in this house! You love to crawl right into the bathroom while Mommy's putting on her make-up, pull open the bottom drawer and start pulling stuff out! Whew...you keep me busy! Love you Little Bear!


  1. What a sweet face.... I'm so glad you get to be with him everyday and not miss out on a thing. We love you all!

  2. Your little guy is sure growing - I love when you give him a cute little 'faux hawk'. :-) Good luck with your upcoming large invite order! Can't wait to see photos. I'm now only up to my waist in pinwheels which is fine with me!


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