Thursday, March 5, 2009

get REAL::where do you blog

I haven't had too much to blog about lately, and after designing a button for Brittany's weekly challenge...I thought it would be fun to come up with my own little challenge.

I'm calling it {get REAL}
sharing snapshots of your own simple. everyday. life. moments

I've had so much fun meeting new people through blogs, and even getting to know more about my friends through their blogs. This will be a way to peek into each others real lives...nothing too personal, just fun stuff! I'll post a random question each week, and then a picture &/or description to go with it!

Do you wanna play? I'd love to have you join me...if not, just enjoy my random REAL moments.

Some of the ideas I have for future {get REAL} posts:
* What does your comforter look like?
* What's on your coffee table?
* What hangs on your front door?
* Did you have an embarrassing moment this week?
* What Spring fashion item are you lusting after?
* If you have a DVR...What's the 5th saved show on your list?

See, RANDOM!! AND if you want to play and have other ideas, send them my way!

SO FOR THIS WEEK.....Where do you blog?

90% of the time, I'm at my dining room table. The other 10%, I'm on the couch...that's usually in the evenings when Justin and I are watching TV.

I sit against the wall, so I can see the TV and look out the window. AND if Barrett is awake while I'm blogging, I can easily see him playing on the floor. I usually blog while he's napping, but often work on EJ Design orders at the table and like being able to watch him play on the family room floor.

Okay, if you WANNA PLAY...feel free to grab the {get REAL} button above and post your own Where do you blog pictures. Be sure to leave me a comment, so I can come check it out.


  1. I LOVE that button! And I LOVE this idea!! I just took pics of my blogging space so I'll try to get them on in a depends on my sickly kids as to when that is though!

    What a fun, creative idea! Why didn't I think of this?!!

  2. Hi Laura...I would love to be a part of your {get REAL} fun and what a great idea...

    I will try to get my "bloggin'space" posted today sometime...

    Traci :)

  3. I love this idea. Great button. I am off to blog.

  4. Oh I'll try and play :)
    and wow, I think we have the same salt & pepper shakers/caddy! Mine is from Pier One. Looks JUST like yours lol.

  5. Heather...I'm pretty sure our salt & pepper shakers ARE from Pier One! They were a wedding gift from our registry :) That's funny! Look forward to seeing your blog space!

  6. I love this idea I am new to blogging so I could not get your button to appear, but I listed you as the got to.

  7. Hi! I found you through Bethany's blog. This sounds like a really fun challenge. I'm going to give it my best shot!

    My blog is set to private, but I have met a ton of really cool people through blogging, so I'm tempted to open it back up now.

    One question, can you straighten up a little before taking the pic or does that defeat the purpose of trying to keep it real? This would be a great excuse for me to clean up the mess I call a desk...

  8. Lacey! I would love to have you join the {get REAL} challenge! I've seen lots of your comments on Bethany's blog and always TRY to check out your blog. If you don't make it public, will you email me an invite so I can see your {get REAL} posts?!?!

    Well...your pictures are supposed to be REAL, but if it's motivation and a good excuse to clean up, go ahead :) HA!

  9. Hey Laura! I would love to be apart of this challenge! Off to go blog!

  10. What a fun idea!!! I haven't had much to blog about lately so this is coming at a great time. I guess I'll have to get busy tonight.


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