Monday, March 16, 2009

sweet baby::sneak peek

Here's a little peek at the newborn shoot I did last Friday. I didn't really have a clue what I was doing. I have a LOT to learn about settings. But it was fun, and I got a few images I was pretty happy with. I'll share a few more soon.

Exciting news!!!! I ordered my new camera last night! After many hours of research and reading TONS of reviews, I ended up with the Canon EOS Rebel XSi. I bought some lenses a few weeks ago, so I saved some money only having to get the camera body. I'm excited to get it and start learning! Thank you to all my photographer friends for your help with my decision AND for introducing me to B&H Photo...the camera I got was close to $200 more at Best Buy and other places.

Barrett and I are in South Carolina visiting my older brother, Brian, and his family. We flew out with Gigi and Papa this morning, and will be home Thursday night. Barrett's first time on an airplane! I'll have pictures from our trip to share soon.


  1. Laura-those photos are beautiful! I am totally impressed...maybe we'll have to get together for some photos of my two hurricanes some day soon! Enjoy your visit...I hope Barrett did well on the plane!

  2. What sweet feet!! I love the ring-on-toes shot!! Super cute!! You did really well for still learning the settings and everything! And the texture on that blanket is perfect!!

    YAY!!! You ordered your camera!! FUN! I finally found the lens I want and it will be here Wednesday! I can't wait!! So glad that B&H worked out for you! Crazy that you saved so much money!! That is awesome! how in the world did I NOT know you were going to South Carolina?!! Umm, would that be because I was a bad friend and never emailed you back last week?!! You may notice I haven't updated my blog in ages has just been crazy around here! Anyway, I hope you have a FABULOUS time with your cutie pie nieces and fam!!

    Chat with you soon!!

  3. You did awesome on the pics... Great back drops!

    Mya's cake turned out well after all and the party too! It's so hard to believe how fast they grow up.

    Hope you have a good time on your trip. Take lots of photos!

  4. Hope you had fun in South Carolina on your mini family visiting vacation. You'll have to post photos soon. Congrats on the new camera. Very, very exciting!


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