Tuesday, March 24, 2009

14 Months

This is the {priceless} face of MY 14 month old

Barrett celebrated 14 months on March 18th, while we were in South Carolina! I didn't take Monkey with us for his milestone picture...so we took them after we got home.

He must be getting used to the camera, because he was being such a ham for me! AND thanks to my new camera for being able to capture quick expressions!! Yes...my new camera came on Friday, after we got home, and my lenses came on Saturday. I haven't had a lot of time to play around with it, but I know that I LOVE IT!! Reason #1: The flash doesn't have a 5 second delay (maybe a bit of an exaggeration) causing me to miss hundreds of adorable Barrett expressions!

Show Mommy where your toes are....
He always has love for Monkey...ahh, squeeze
can't you just feel his passion :)
What does the monkey say?
He says this, Mom ---> who-who-ha-ha


  1. What a cutie! I love that you do a picture every month with his monkey!

  2. We were all on board for playgroup this morning but then we got the call about company a-comin' so we missed out.

    I was reading one of my trash mags last week & they had a little article in there introducing the NJ housewives. I'm seriously thinking about passing just because I can't stand their accents & the orange glow from their fake tans hurts my eyes!

  3. Haha, I'm sure I'll settle in for at least a few episodes of it, too :)

    my email is caradreed@yahoo.com

  4. LOVE the 6th pic from the top...he is absolutely precious. What a ham! So anxious to see more pics with that new camera!!!
    Looks like you had a great trip too!

  5. Barrett looks so big... I'm lovin' that hair. What beautiful blue eyes too.

  6. Love the first picture. Barrett is starting to look like a little boy, especially with the hairdo. :)
    Too cute how much he loves his monkey!

    Yay for your new camera!

  7. He is so cute!!! I love the picture of him squeezing his little monkey!!

  8. HE IS SO CUTE! Lovin' your camera already :)

  9. Priceless! What a fun little personality he has! Soon I really should meet this guy in person!


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