Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hayden Parker::Newborn Session

{You are invited to view my first newborn session}

Thank you to the "Y" family for letting me practice on your sweet baby boy!
Hayden was only four days old when I shot these, and he was an angel.

Hayden Parker::Newborn
(this link should take you right to the slideshow)

If not....
it is under the "slideshows" tab on my website


  1. Hi...I just ran across your blog...Hayden is soooo precious...He is truly one of GOD's Miracles! So perfect in every way...doesn't GOD do a magnificent...wonderful job..of creating us whole! I love viewing the slide pics of Hayden...his name is unique too. Thanks for sharing one of your pride and joy with us!
    Have a spectacular GOD filled day!


  2. WOW! You are so talented Laura! He is such a sweet little man too. :)I'm loving the ones with the new fabric too. :) GREAT job!

  3. Those are great...you did a good job and I know his momma had to love em! So happy for you and getting a new camera...I have the fever...

  4. Oh yea...I'm wanting to join in on the Spring Fun...as soon as I figure out how to get that button....hhhmmmm..may have to call in a little help!

  5. Oh, Hayden is so small and tiny. I always forget how small newborns are. Wonderful job on the photos. My favorite shot is the wedding rings on his little feetsies. And the fabric is the perfect backdrop. Great job - I'm sure his parents were very impressed with your work and will be thankful to you for ages. :)


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