Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just the other night...

I nursed my Little Bear for the last time.

It was so bittersweet:: I was blessed to be able to nurse for almost 14 months. I was sad that the moment meant my baby was not really a baby anymore. I was happy to have my body back, but I was heartbroken to lose that bond.

Just the other night...I rocked my baby in the dark before bedtime, and stroked his hair as a tear (okay, it was more than one) fell down my cheek.

Just the other night...I gave Barrett a bottle of milk before I put him to bed. He's had bottles many, many times, and even before bed. But this was the first time that I sat in the rocker and gave him a bedtime bottle. I cuddled him close, rocked him, and kissed his warm forehead at least a 100 times.

Just the other night...As I laid Barrett in his crib and kissed him goodnight, he smiled up at me and melted my heart.

I started the whole weaning process at the end of January. I took it slow for me. Barrett's always been a pretty laid back babe, so I knew it would all be much harder on me. I started cutting out one feeding every week. After my body had adjusted, I would cut out another. After we were down to only the bedtime feeding, we went to every-other-night. Justin would give him a bottle on the nights I wasn't nursing him. We did that for a little over a week, and then we were done. It was a wonderful experience for me, and I hope to be able to nurse my next baby...but that is a few years down the road!

Speaking of new little good friend Roiann just had another little boy on Monday! Meet Grant's new little brother, Hayden.


  1. Oh Laura, I know just how you is so bittersweet. It is a bond between you and Barrett. We're ready for that next little baby anytime. Love you, K

  2. Glad to know the weaning process went smoothly. It is bittersweet. But you can still love on that boy all the time. I am sure he won't mind :)

  3. Bittersweet is the perfect word!! I know exactly how you feel and cried the last time I nursed Nicholas too. But our boys will always have bond with us and need us no matter what. :) I am glad the process went smoothly for you. I think it is a lot harder on us than for our boys! I love the picture of him sleeping, so sweet!

  4. What a sweet and emotional post! I was nearly in tears. I am sure it was hard for you but like you said it must be nice to get your body back. Enjoy it before baby #2 :)

  5. Hi Laura-it's Cara. Came over from Facebook. What a sweet post about Barrett. Although we didn't make it nearly as long, I understand the emotions behind that last nursing. Hope you guys are doing well :)

  6. great was an awesome experience for me as well.

    Thanks for the pic of little Hayden...I hadn't seen him yet! What a little sweetie!

  7. I completely understand. It truly is the most bonding experience. What a great thing you gave Barrett. Way to go! 14 months deserves a serious award.

  8. Laura, what an amazing gift you have given little Barrett by nursing him this long. What a sacrifice it takes. Your body grew him for 9mo and then continued to nourish and love him for over a year after that. Way to go, Momma!


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