Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We had a lazy Sunday evening.
After Barrett woke up from his nap, I decided to let him try something new. 

Once he was done with his milk, texting and cartoon watching, of course...

"Ready, set...ready, set...ready, go."
"Eight, nine, four."

YES, I let my boy {jump} on the couch, 
and then {jump} off the couch,
onto a big 'ol pile of pillows.
He was a little unsure at first.
Stalling counting over and over again, but never actually jumping.

But once he finally did it, 
he was back up and going again and again and again.
He hasn't tried to do this a single time since!

Even though these pictures are super grainy and blurry (It was dark outside, so no natural light...I was shooting with no flash, and a 1600+ ISO), I love the emotion I captured. I was trying to go for that 'in-the-moment' feel.

You would think the following pictures were taken after all that jumping...

But this was actually around 12:15 that afternoon. We were all on the couch watching some Olympic Curling.  Next thing we knew, Barrett was snoring at the other end of the couch.  Covered up with his Biggie, and squeezing Tiny Monkey in his arms. I curled up beside him for a few minutes, and then carried him to his bed, so he could get some good rest.


  1. What amazing pictures! And so sweet sleeping on the sofa.

  2. Very, VERY Cute! I bet he slept good that night...I love him and his monkey!

  3. Love this! He looks like he is having the best time.


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