Friday, February 12, 2010

shades of pink & green...

A couple weekends ago, we had a baby shower for my cousin Hannah! I am always excited to go to any shower or party at my Aunt Deb's house. It's all about the details for her, and the food is always delicious. Hannah is having a little girl (due March 3rd), and has decorated her nursery in pink and green. Of course all the adorable shower decor and food coordinated with that color scheme!

My favorite thing...the punch! I need to get the recipe from Aunt Deb, but it I know it had champagne, cranberry juice, raspberry jello mix and lemon-lime soda.

Hannah is naming her baby girl Lainey Jean. I think it's precious, and am thrilled to have another namesake! We have a many "Jeans" in our family, and I think it's so special! My Aunt Clara Jean, my Aunt Debra Jean, my cousin Hannah Jean, {me} Laura Jean, my niece Emma Jean, and now Lainey Jean!! LOVE IT!

Aunt Deb's candy buffet! I love this spot in her kitchen/dining room. It's's always filled with homemade sweets and treats! Lainey's new bassinet! Do you believe that Barrett slept in this same little bassinet?!? Don't worry, it wasn't pink at the time! My parents, along with my Uncle Rick & Aunt Deb, got this bassinet for my Aunt Clara when she had her last little boy, Gannon. After that, she handed it down to me. It was so nice to have, but not nearly this cute. When I had it, it was all white with a blue gingham bow around the skirt and matching basket liners. My Aunt Deb spruced it up a bit! I think it turned out so cute! I love that she even painted the baskets black! I'm hoping if I have a girl, I will get to use it again!

Here is Hannah with her dad's side of the family. Mamo wasn't able to make it, because we had a huge snow storm the day before the shower. We were all really sad to not have her there.

me, Audrey, Aunt Deb, Hannah, my mom, & Aunt Clara
(NO idea why I have my hand on Audy's waist...I just noticed that, and it makes me laugh!)

I love my cousins! These girls are so much fun. AND it's even more fun now that we're all married and starting families! Makes me a little teary-eyed! Seems like just yesterday we were all little pip-squeaks running around Mamo & Bapo's lake house in our swimsuits for days on end.

Audy just got married this past summer, and she's an OB nurse in Nebraska! So of course she has lots of advice for Hannah :)

It was a beautiful shower, and Hannah got lots of great stuff for the baby! I am so anxious to meet Miss Lainey Jean...and take her pictures, of course!! Congrats, Hannah & Jake! You will both be amazing parents.

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  1. beautiful shower! love the cute cake! You'll be totally set if you have a girl next - lots of cute stuff to borrow!


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