Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's 2010: Cookies with Friends

Last week was full of fun little Valentine celebrations for Barrett. On Tuesday morning, Norah Kate and her mommy invited us over to decorate Valentine's cookies. Barrett and I were excited to bring Addison with us. She just had a baby sister, so we thought she might want to get out and play, while her mommy and baby Andie got some much needed rest and quiet at home.

The kids enjoyed playing in Norah Kate's playroom while we got the cookies ready. Megan is always so on top of these things! She had made the sugar cookies the night before, and had tons of sprinkles, and frosting colors for the kids to choose from.

We gathered the kids around the table...and then the madness began! Really, the kids were all great, but we decided that home daycare providers deserve a LOT of props! The kids went to town with the decorating. There was a lot of "knife licking" going on, but they did manage to leave some frosting on the cookies too. Everyone decorated a plate full of cookies. Megan's niece, Kira was definitely having the most fun. She obviously gets a lot of experience with cookie decorating at home. She was really concentrating, and her work area was so clean ;)

Everyone busy decorating...
{Barrett, Lydia, Kira, Addison, Evan & Norah Kate}

It was a fun morning! Thanks to Megan and Norah Kate for inviting us over!
The cookies were a BIG hit!

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  1. OH MY! So I decided to be all fun and domestic a few weeks ago and let my TWO decorate sugar cookies. It was insane! As in I was totally frazzled and stressed and didn't enjoy it at all!! Gentry lost interest after about five minutes and Huntler after about ten! Sooo....all the mess, the work AND the clean up for something that was a huge flop!! Cupcake decorating seems to be more fun for us for some reason!! :)


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