Tuesday, February 23, 2010

{TEN} on Tuesday

I had fun with this last week, and since I'm lacking in blogworthy content this week, I thought I'd give it another shot! It's  few minutes till midnight, so I've still got time to get this posted on Tuesday!

{1} The Bachelor: The Women Tell ...

Need I say more! If you're a fan of the Bachelor {or maybe not so much a fan, just addicted to the drama} you probably saw last nights Women Tell All show! Most of the time, I don't look forward to this particular week of the Bachelor Season, because I'd rather just get to the final show and see who he picks. Ya know, get on with it...BUT this time, it was loaded with drama! Mostly from Rozlyn, a girl that was kicked off the show early on, for having "inappropriate physical relations" with one of the shows producers. I DID not like this girl from the beginning.  I happen to think of myself as a good judge of character, and I was right on with this one. On last night's show, she continually denied that anything happened, and it was easy to see she was lying and talking in circles. When she dissed my man Chris Harrison in front of a live audience last night, I said "oh no, she didn't"! Her behavior was pretty pathetic, and I only hope she will want to become a better person after watching herself back.

After watching the video clip above from Yahoo! I guess Allie has been named the next Bachelorette. 

{2} Morning Conversation with Barrett...
I am in the bathroom getting ready, so we can head to morning playgroup. Barrett comes around the corner, unbuttoning his jeans and trying to shimmy out of them.
Me: Why are you taking off your pants?
(B shrugging his shoulders and looking confused)
Barrett: Pants?
Me: Did you poopy in your diaper?
Barrett: No
(pulls his pants all the way down, so they are now around his ankles)
Barrett: Do you want to get on the potty?
(B squishes up his face, looks up out of the corner of his eye, and says)
Barrett: Ummmm.....no.
Me: Do you want mommy to change your diaper?
Barrett: Okay, Mommy.
Me: Well, why didn't you just say so.

{3} Papa's Birthday...

Today was my dad's birthday. We celebrated by going to dinner with him. He chose Mexican. Then we went out to my parents house for brownies and presents. Hope you had a great birthday, Dad/Papa! We love you!

{4} Neglected...

It's hard for me to focus on the computer work and editing I need to do, when I have house work that needs my attention as well.  In the evenings, the sink needs to be clear of dirty dishes, and the toys all need to be back in their places before I can start working. I guess I'm just more productive if I know everything else is in order (for the most part). So....what I'm about to admit is crazy!! Every time I open the laundry room doors, I see something that makes me cringe!

One month later, there is still a box of decorations and paper goods from Barrett's birthday party sitting on top of the dryer! Yikes! There...I said it! I just don't know what to do with it all! Now that I've outed myself, maybe I can do something about it soon.

{5} American Idol...

Tonight the top 12 girls performed. None of them blew my socks off, but these three are my favorites:

This girl was my least favorite. She's only 16, and she's a sweet, tiny little thing...but jeepers, did she sound screechy {to Justin and I anyway}!! I never actually did it, but my finger was  hovering back and forth over the mute and fast forward buttons.

{6} Fruit Fanatic...

Over the past few days, Barrett has been eating a TON of fruit! His favorites right now are grapes, apples, bananas and cCuties. I can't complain! It's much easier for me to give him cups of fruit instead of the "cookie-crackers" he usually asks for. Mimi got him hooked on these Cuties.

{7} Bedroom Art...

I did it!! I sketched out a drawing of our bedroom, and then decided what pictures I wanted where. It wasn't a quick and easy process {as my perfectionist ways took over}, so hopefully I'll be happy with what I end up with. Instead of canvas wraps, I ended up getting floating wraps. They were a little bit cheaper. I got a BIG one for over our bed, and then I got a 12x12 square float wrap for another wall.  It will go into an arrangement with several other framed pictures, and I think I will frame them all in black.

{8} Hope Now

One of my current fave songs....Addison Road song Hope Now.
When we're in the car, Barrett and I listen to K-LOVE a lot. He's started trying to sing along to the  radio, and it's fun to watch him in the rear-view mirror.

{9} Coats..

I can't stand to wear a coat! Unless it's really cold out, I don't wear them. I sound like a complaining little kid, but I just feel so constricted in them. As soon as I get in the car, I want it off...I just would rather not bother. I've gotten worse since having Barrett to tote around in the winter too. Trying to carry him on one hip, keep my purse over my shoulder, and get him buckled into his seat is so much harder when I'm bundled up. See, I'm a whiny little kid! AND I'm probably not setting a very good example for my son, who is so good about wearing his coat and hat when we go out. I wear a heavy hooded sweatshirt jacket, my vest,  or as lightweight of a coat as I can find.

{10} We had horses join us for lunch...

Barrett loves to bring his farm animals to the table with him for lunch. He eats better when they join us, so I don't mind. This day, we had mama and baby horse enjoying some leftover Mexican with us. Barrett fed them some shredded cheese.


  1. Okay...so I didn't watch the clip from above but I DID watch The Women Tell All. OH MY GOSH. Rozlyn was throwing out some low blows, wasn't she? I could NOT believe she said that about Chris Harrison flirting with the producer's wife. Which got me to thinking - where is that wife during all of this? We were laughing out loud at the drama and her desperation!! And when Chris asked the other girls if a producer had ever swung by their house with his dad, HA!! :)

    Cuties - we LOVE them. Healthy, easy, yummy!! Enough said!!

    Like you, I can NOT focus on computer stuff when my house is in chaos. I about have a breakdown!! I try, but I just can't handle it!!

    Trains join my kids for bath time - every day. It is just part of the gig!!

    Hope you have a fabulous day my friend!! HUGS!

  2. Now having four kids, I just can keep the house picked up. There are little piles everywhere that DRIVE me crazy but I have conceded for my own sanity!! As long as it is clean...

    crosby LOVES cuties soo much. She will eat 2-3 a day if I let her!! I have to put her on "Cutie Restriction!" Kinda like Alicia's bag restriction but with oranges!!

  3. Love the animals at lunch. We usually have princesses with us. I love Didi on Idol.

  4. Your ten on tuesday is way more interesting than mine! :) If the hats turn out i'll make you a couple for props! :)

  5. We LOVE Addison Road! The girls can sign to most of their songs and we love, love, love K-LOVE! It's all we play in the van!
    I agree with you about the whole blog thing! It is REALLY nice to be able to keep up with each others families. :) Have a great week!


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