Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's 2010: Treats, Crafts & Gifts

More of our Valentine's Day festivities...

On Thursday evening, Justin and I made these yummy chocolate-covered pretzel rods for Barrett to give to his friends and family. As always, my hubby was very sweet to help me get them figured out. I especially liked his genius idea to use the Munchkin dishwasher container as a holder for the pretzels to dry. These were so easy and a lot of fun to make. The heart mold I got was a little tricky, but I liked the look of the plain 'ol dipped ones better anyway. Next year, I'll know what I'm doing and can really have fun with them!

I had quite a bit of chocolate left when I ran out of pretzels, so I decided to dip a few of Barrett's graham cracker sticks! We get these graham cracker sticks at Dillons...they are the Kroger brand and come in honey and cinnamon flavors. Barrett loves them! They were perfect to dip.

We wrapped them up and have given most of them out to Barrett's Valentines, but we still have some to deliver on Monday evening. I also ordered some of B's valentine pictures as wallets to give along with the pretzels, but they did not get here on Friday like I'd planned.

On Friday morning, Barrett made this hat in his Toddler Art class at the Art Center. He was pretty proud of it. My cute little {love bug}.

Justin and I celebrated Valentines Day on Saturday night. It was simple and perfect. We exchanged gifts, and he cooked dinner for Barrett and I. He went to the store to get the groceries, then came home and grilled steaks, made mashed potatoes and asparagus. It was all delicious...even more so, since I just got to play on the family room floor with Barrett while Justin did all the work! After Barrett went to bed, we made molten chocolate lava cakes! They are one of our favorite chocolate treats...they are pretty rich though, so we only make them once or twice a year on special occasions.

On Sunday morning, before church, I got up and made {pink} heart pancakes for my boys! My new squeeze bottle (pictured below, for those that ask about it) made them so much fun!!

Thanks for a very special Valentine's weekend, Justin!
I spent it with my two favorite boys, and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way! I love you!!

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