Sunday, February 28, 2010


 We've been watching a little bit of the Olympics over the past couple weeks.
I think the event we watched the most of was probably Curling (Men's and Women's).
It's probably not the most exciting sport to watch, but I enjoyed the strategy involved.
And, it was usually on during the time Justin was home for lunch.

To celebrate the 2010 Winter Olympics, Barrett's Toddler Art class made torches and an American flag!

Barrett showed the torch to Daddy when he came home for lunch that day, and Daddy thought it was flowers.

Barrett would hold the torch above his head and shout U-S-A!
Well, it didn't really come out USA, more like a mumble-jumble of four or five random letters...but it was cute. 

I'm glad I had the presence of mind to get a picture of him with these things the day second we brought them home.
Because it wasn't long after these pictures, that the Olympic torch turned into a telescope, and was fully dismantled.

Yes, our little Olympian performs best in nothing but a diaper and shirt!

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