Friday, July 2, 2010

Who doesn't love a wedding?

I've been a little busy with my business in the last couple weeks, so instead of taking hundreds of pictures of my own son/family and our summer activities, I've been taking thousands of pictures of other people's children and families! Business is great, and I'm not complaining...just sleepy!

I am really enjoying my job! I'm meeting new clients all the time. Thanks to referrals from current clients and the wonderful world of Facebook! It's so much fun to meet new people, and have the honor of capturing their family memories. I'm also loving all the friendships and collaborations I'm making with other photographers in my business.  

Amber-Dawn, a friend from high school, is the photographer behind Making Smiles Photography. She took my maternity pictures back in 2007, and now we're working together! Over the last year, we've emailed back and forth, sharing information and support for each other. Now, I am so grateful to help her shoot some summer weddings!! I've always thought I would love weddings...the designer and detail person I am!  BUT it would have been crazy to try and start shooting on my own.  A wedding is a one-time thing! I don't think it's wise for any photographer to try and shoot a wedding with no experience as a 2nd shooter/assistant.  So, it was sweet of Amber-Dawn to take me under her wing and let me learn from her! Weddings are intense and exhausting, but so much fun when we're doing them together.

We've shot weddings together the past two weekends. I haven't blogged any images over on my photoblog yet, but I have {peeked} a few on my Facebook Fan Page. If you're not on Facebook, here are a few of my favorites...

{06.19.2010 Wedding::McConnell Airforce Base}

{06.26.2010 Wedding::Tanganyika Wildlife Park}

This couple was so much fun!! We loved their retro style, and Jennifer really knew how to work the camera angles :) Kendall, the groom, is a graphic design student, so he'd put his touch on so much of the wedding. Creative programs, place cards, custom Jones Soda labels, and so much more!  And, of course being at Tanganyika was great too! We had a lot of fun on Lemur Island, and with the other animals. I've only just started going through all of my images from their wedding, so I can't wait to get to more. Keep an eye on the photoblog for more with this couple in the next few weeks!!

And...I guess I'll admit this...
I was very close to crying at this wedding! Oh my gosh, I have issues!! I'd only known the couple for a couple hours when the ceremony started, but it was so obvious how IN LOVE they were. At the beginning of the ceremony, I shot from the front of the isle...capturing the groom's "first look" at his bride. He was so emotional, and it totally got me! I'm a sap.
See, who doesn't love a wedding?

I'm so grateful for my collaboration with Amber-Dawn, and I've met so many other awesome photographers. We all chat through Facebook, and email each other resources, feedback and encouragement. It's unfortunate that there are photographers out there that just want to compete over everything, and try to tear you down. It's sad, but true. Even though there is plenty of business to go around. I don't get it. That's why I think so much of the great photog friends I have. They're the complete opposite of that. We build each other up.

I would be happy to refer clients to any of these photographers. We all have our own styles, so if I'm not the photographer for you, that is completely okay :) I actually have clients that use me AND one of these other photographers. Sure, I have my loyal clients that call me "their photographer," and use only me. Of course I love that. But I also love my clients that like to try others.

I've met a super sweet lady from Winfield that used me for Prom pictures of her son. She's also used Amber-Dawn for pictures of her daughter, and will use me later this month for Senior pictures with her son. Amber-Dawn and I  think it's great.  This lady is also getting into photography herself, and I know could produce some amazing pictures herself, but she's supporting our businesses! My friend Tonya is going to use both Amy and I to do Senior picture for her daughter. Amy is doing some this summer in an urban location, and I'll do some in the Fall with a more natural setting. So fun!!

Some of my other friends:
Amy, of Amy Shepherd Photography. We got connected through a friend of a friend. She's great about forwarding me resources she finds. Amy does a little of everything, like me. She is awesome with seniors, weddings and trash the dress sessions.

Bethany, of Hissyfits Photography. My dear friend since high school! She just welcomed baby #3, so she's on a bit of a break from photography for awhile. She currently lives in Arizona, and her work focuses on children and families. This girl has always got my back when it comes to photography! I can't even tell you how much wisdom she's shared with me!

Skyler, of Skyler Livingston Photography. We've only known each other for a couple months, and he's already become a great friend. I was checking out the exhibit space at the library, when he overheard me talking with one of the staff members. I'm so glad he just came up and introduced himself. Only a week later, he let me borrow one of his cameras! Yeah, he's that awesome. He knows a lot about gear, and I'm trying to teach him a little about photoshop and post-processing. He loves shooting weddings, and we hope to work together on some in the future.

Check 'em all out. They rock! Skyler and I are hoping to get a group of photographers together once a month to talk about our passion, and bounce ideas off each other. Any other photographers out there interested in joining us? Get in touch with me!

To end, enjoy this video from the Tanganyika wedding!!
After the ceremony, the bride put on her RED converse shoes and they danced down the isle!!

{one of my images from that dance}

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