Thursday, March 25, 2010

Not quite as planned...

You might remember me mentioning my husbands plans for a "survival trip" last week in my {Ten} on Tuesday Thursday post. I wasn't too thrilled at the idea of him being out in the wilderness with no tent, sleeping bag, cell phone, food or matches.  BUT I knew that it would be a great time for he and his brother to spend together, and this sort of thing really is right up Justin's alley! So, I went with it, and tried my hardest not to worry....until last Thursday afternoon when he packed up and was ready to head out.

It had hit me just a few hours before, that this would be the first time Justin would be away from me for so long (three nights). I go on mini trips with my family and girlfriends every once in a while, but he seldom does. Usually when he's away from home, it's for family trips, so Barrett and I are with him. Besides the fact that I hate being home alone (I hear every single mouse squeak), I was just going to miss him.

Justin's sister made the guys these journals to keep details of their trip in

Barrett and I gave him lots of hugs and kisses, and stood at the back door watching him leave.

We had many plans to keep us busy over the weekend :)

Thursday, Our first night home alone without Daddy:
We went to dinner with Gigi and Papa.
I put Barrett to bed at his usual 8-8:30 bedtime, and I worked until around midnight. I tip-toed into his room, picked him up out of his crib, and carried him into my bed. Oh mercy, was he sweet! (I have never had him sleep in our bed for an entire night) Our bed sits pretty high up, so before I brought him in, I'd lined up pillows along Justin's edge of the bed. I had a cozy and safe little spot ready for Barrett. He was half-awake when I laid him in the bed, and he opened his eyes, sat up a bit and said, "watch tb, Mama"? It was adorable! I said, " no baby, it's time to go night-night." Then he laid his head back on the pillow and we snuggled up nose-to-nose! We both slept like babies...until 6am, when he cried out. He was looking for his Biggie, that had gotten pushed under the sheets. I pulled it up, and covered him back up. He dozed back off until almost 9am! I heard him stirring, but I kept my eyes shut, pretending to still be asleep. Next thing I knew, he was right over me, kissing my cheek! Ahhh...goodness, gracious, melt my heart!!

We met Mimi, Kylie and Emily at the park for a picnic lunch and play time. The weather was beautiful and Barrett loved it! 

Then, at about 4pm I heard the familiar grumble of Justin's truck pulling into the driveway! My heart started to pound. I had NO idea why he would be home. They were completely dedicated to this trip. I immediately started thinking he'd cut off a finger or something traumatic like that! Turns out he'd woken up that morning with one of his horrible headaches. I don't know that they're technically migraines (he's never been to see a doctor for them), but I do know that they make him completely miserable. He can't eat, he throws up, and the only thing that gives him relief is just to pass out and sleep them off. 

He said he'd had it pretty much the whole day. Probably thanks to not eating in close to 24 hours, not much water, exerting lots of energy on their shelter and hiking, and going without his daily caffeine. After he got home, he threw up a few more times, made himself some eggs and toast, then passed out on the couch from around 6pm-midnight! I woke him up at midnight, and then he got in bed and slept til morning. Thankfully he was better in the morning. 

I was grateful the trip had been cut short, because Friday night a huge snowstorm came through. I would have been worried sick, if there were still out there in that!

Here are some of the few pics they got to take on their trip...
 Justin's brother, Jeff, trying to stay warm in their shelter

We'd already made some plans for Saturday, since we thought Justin would be gone. So, he went out to his parent's to hang out with his brother all day, and Barrett and I went ahead with our plans. 

Saturday morning, we had a playdate with some of Barrett's friends...
Barrett doesn't have very many friends that are boys, so he was very excited to get to play with Grant and baby Hayden. He loved all of Grants cars and trains!
Lydia, Norah Kate, Barrett, Hayden & Grant

These pictures are all from the point-and-shoot, and I have no desire whatsoever to edit them at all (not even the red-eye), so sorry for the poor quality.

That afternoon I made spin dip. I was having some girlfriends over that night to hang out after Barrett went to bed. Barrett rode his bike around in the kitchen while I worked.

So...the weekend didn't go quite as planned, but in the end I was very grateful to have Justin home. Hopefully they will plan their next survival trip for a warmer time, and coffee will be added their list of "things that are allowed."


  1. I hate it when Roger leaves too. Even though I lived alone for years, everytime he leaves for a night or two now I get totally petrified and can't sleep at all. I guess I've become a baby since we've been married. ;)

    And poor Justin - migraines are the worst. I've had them since I was young and they are no fun at all. Your head feels like it's going to explode and the throwing up part only makes it worse. Stress, lack of caffeine and hormones usually bring mine on too. ( I think I had 5 migraines during the early part of my pregnancy - one on the flight home from Hawaii - now that was the worst!)

    Maybe they can plan the trip again for when it's warm this summer. :)

  2. Love the pics of the shelter I hadn't seen that yet. I was soooo glad they came home before the snow hit.

  3. What is spin dip?

  4. To Anonymous: Spin dip is hot Spinach dip :) It's yummy and I will post the recipe on it soon!

  5. Hi! I found your blog through 6 Degrees of Blogging. Glad I did. What a beautiful family and what great photos! Love the big Barrett has!

  6. Laura, we are so similar! I hate it when Matthew leaves too! We usually go to my parents (3.5 hours away) or have them come here if possible. If not, we jam-pack our schedule to make the time fly, but dinners and nights are the worst. Glad he made it home safe and sound though, albeit earlier than planned. I was so nervous when I read about he trip. You are a nicer and braver wife than me to let him do that! :)

    I was diagnosed with migraines at age 10 and they are absolutely no fun. It is definitely something he should talk to a doctor about. If they are migraines, there are lots of happy pills out there to help him feel better faster.

  7. Poor Justin! Does he know what exactly triggers his headaches or are they random?

    Glad you guys still all had a great weekend!


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