Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Favorite Things Swap...the goods!

HOW EXCITING!!! It's so fun to come home from work on a Monday and have an unexpected package on your front porch! I didn't recognize the sender and I couldn't figure out what it was until I opened it and found the sweet note!

It was a box of someones *favorite things* and they were sharing them with ME! My swap partner was Rebekah in Texas. She sent me more than a few of her favorite things and I love them ALL!

Here's what I got: *Bath & Body Works Freshwater Cucumber Foaming soap
*Junior Tangle Toy--Barrett will have fun with that!
*Texas Bluebonnet Wildflowers
*Lemon Lavender Yankee Candle
*Cinnamint Mentha Lip Shine
*Hawaiian Punch Singles-Fruit Juicy Red & Wild Purple Smash
*Texas Flag
*Gummi Bears (Justin and I polished these off Monday night)
*Minty Sweet Twist Trident
*Dove Chocolates!! NOT on my diet, but I love them! Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate & Caramel
*Home Sweet Texas Book
*Adorable baby burp rags...they're so soft!

Gosh, I think that's everything!! Thanks Rebekah!!
So, when I signed up for this swap via email the first of June I was so excited!! But...I never heard anything back on who I was partnered up with. I knew that hundreds of bloggers were participating, so I just figured my email got lost in the shuffle, and I would have to wait till next time to join in. THEN, this package shows up at my door and I feel awful! I got all this fun stuff, but I didn't have to send a package to anyone. Of course it wasn't right, so I emailed Kelly, the swap organizer. Come to find out, SPAM had gotten the message. It went right to my spam folder all those weeks ago and I never knew! So, she resent it and now I have Rebekah's info, so I can send her an awesome package too!! Sorry it'll be late Rebekah...darn spam! But, it's on it's way SOON! Stay tuned, I'll be sure to post some pics of the favorite things I'm sending her!


  1. What fun stuff! How sweet to include little Barrett!! I can't believe the message went to your SPAM folder! I have done one swap and didn't have the best luck myself, but I am ready to give it another whirl once things settle down a bit here!

    Have a great day!!!

  2. Oh how I love getting "good mail"! How awesome!

    You'll also be happy to know that I followed suit...I started my own blog! Yepper...I named it Mmm...Pink Eraser. :)

    Love ya!


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