Friday, July 18, 2008

Flashback mother, like son

I's been forever since I did a flashback! Well, here are a few!

My mom has been digging out my old baby pictures recently. It's fun to see Barrett doing some of the same things I did. We got Barrett's first 'grasp' of the beer can over the Fourth of July weekend, so Mom found some pictures of my first beer too.
Mommy was a Budweiser girl...Barrett prefers Bud Light!

And, it appears we have the same "taste" in other things too...

Me with my a foot in my mouth. I prefer the left.

Barrett with a foot in his mouth. He prefers the right.

We also have the same sleeping style...

Me with my butt in the air. I am a little older, so apparently I slept this way for several years. And, NO...I'm pretty sure I don't sleep like this anymore :)

Barrett with his butt in the air


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