Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Letters to my Little Bear-Tenth Edition

Happy Tuesday Little Bear!
So, you might have noticed that the title of my letters to you is now "Letters to my Little Bear," and no longer "Monday's Letters to my Little Bear." I LOVE writing these to you, and I will continue to write one a week...usually on Monday or Tuesday. But, since it seems to get harder and harder to get them done on Mondays, why not change the title?!?! I must confess...I should have been writing you a letter last night. I had some spare time after I gave you a bath and put you to bed...but I spent it on the couch with Daddy watching the finale of The Bachelorette. AND yes, I cried my eyes out ;)

This past weekend was busy celebrating the Fourth of July with all our friends and family. Friday afternoon we went swimming at Gigi's. Jenn had gotten Uncle Bobby this fun fishing chair for graduation, and he was trying it out in the pool. He took you for a ride and you loved it.

You got all dressed up in your red, white and blue that evening, and we went out to Lydia's house for dinner and to watch the fireworks. Uncle Bobby and Jenn came out to visit and meet Mommy's friends. That's when you got your first "grab" of the beer can. A Kodak moment, for sure.
Gotta have your Bud Light!

You didn't get your afternoon nap at Gigi's house that day, so you were a bit fussy, but you finally conked out around 9:00. Mommy & Daddy sat outside with our friends and watched fireworks from North to South, all across the horizon. It was a beautiful night.

On Saturday and Sunday, it was more time with family by the pool. We took pictures with your cousins, Emma and Lauren; visited with Mamo; made homemade ice cream; and lots more!

With Lauren and Emma

Playin' around with Uncle Bobby

Sunday evening we went out to Grandma and Grandpa's for supper and fireworks. We went outside to watch Kylie and Emily slip-n-slide, and you were being such a happy boy, I couldn't quit taking pictures of you!!

Look at those LONG eyelashes!

'Ol Uncle Emily was cracking you up in this picture! She dances like a wild woman and always makes you laugh!

Still watching Emily...with one finger in your mouth! I love those little thighs!!! Umm...I wanna smooch 'em!
With Daddy! He got a little burnt playing golf this weekend ;)

Grandma and Grandpa put up this new whale swing just for you. At first, you weren't too sure about it, but the second time we put you in you were grinning from ear to ear!
Last night was your first Aqua Babies swimming class. Mommy was exhausted afterwards, but it was fun. You have so many friends in the class with you...Norah, Lydia, Grant and Kennedy. You were pretty serious the whole time. Not really expressive either way. You got a little fussy at the very end of the class, but it might have been because you had poopy pants on when I changed you out of your suit! I told Daddy you pooped in the pool! We are going to have so much fun at our swimming class this month!

Have a great week, Little Bear...only 17 more days of work for Mommy!
I love you!


  1. I totally agree. Guess I've always preferred safe and secure over adventure! I was for sure that they would announce Jason as the next Bachelor on the 'After the Rose' show. Who knows - maybe they still will. I would be watching that for sure! And you are lucky that your hubby watches it with you - mine will normally watch anything with me (even HGTV shows) but he just can't stand this show and all it's sappiness - or is it sappyness???. :-)

  2. So I must admit I was TOTALLY bummed about The Bachelorette. I just KNEW she was going to pick Jason. Even through the last dates there wasn't a doubt in my mind. But WOW did I get shocked!!!

    Love all the pictures! It looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend! I really miss having cookouts with friends and doing all of that fun stuff...you are so, so lucky!!

    Hope all is well and I'll talk to you soon!

    Love ya!


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