Monday, July 21, 2008

I miss you already!

This morning I said goodbye to my brother (Brian), sister-in-law (Sarah) and two nieces (Emma & Lauren). They are moving to South Carolina on Wednesday and I won't see them again until Christmas! Hopefully Barrett and I can go visit them sometime before that with Gigi and Papa, but we haven't worked any of that out yet.

My family is very close and we spend every holiday and lots of weekends together, so it's hard for me to imagine not seeing them for several months. This is ALL of us...before Lauren & Barrett! We had it taken in October 2006. We need a new picture :)

My brother is being transferred for work, so we're hoping they'll be moving back to Kansas in two or three years!
I miss you already girls and Aunt Lala loves you VERY MUCH! Send me lots of pictures and call me anytime. I want to hear about your new house and your new friends! Don't grow too fast!

Emma Jean & Aunt Lala

Lauren & Aunt Lala


  1. That makes me so sad thinking about it all. But it would really be fun to visit!

  2. I am sad for you. But a trip to South Carolina sounds fun. I hear it is beautiful out there.


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