Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it!

Today is my LAST day as the Executive Director of the Arts & Humanities Council! I've been here for almost four I am a little sad, but mostly excited! Excited because I kissed my baby boy goodbye this morning, knowing that after today I'll be home with him everyday! My office is bare. I cleaned out all my personal items yesterday afternoon and took them all home. My work is all caught up; files are neatly organized and ready to pass on to the next person. All I have to keep me occupied this morning is this computer. I'm only working half a day, then going to lunch with my board of directors. Could the minutes pass any slower?

Tonight after I put my Little Bear to bed, I'm going out for *DrInKs* with two of my best girlfriends! I can't wait! I love spending time with my girls, just chatting about everything and nothing all at once. I think they are just as excited about my last day as I am...they've been by my side and supporting me through some last minute drama. I don't want to go into it's over and done and I'm moving on! I've gotten cards and gifts from so many people congratulating me on my "retirement." The bfe's sent me the most beautiful flowers on my last Monday! They are so thoughtful and it was just what I needed to brighten my spirits that day!

I am so blessed to be able to stay home with my baby and pursue my elephant juice designs business! My husband has been behind my decision from day one, when I brought it up and didn't think there was any way in the world we could make it work. He is so wonderful and supportive! I just hope I can make this work, and I look forward to putting my all into it!!

What am I planning to do with all that time at home, you ask?!?! I'll be....
kissing baby cheeks * organizing kitchen cabinets * designing invitations * taking Barrett to playgroup * swimming at Gigi's * blogging * painting my bathroom * having a garage sale * singing 'the wheels on the bus' * finally finishing my pregnancy album (yes, it's still not done!) * taking Barrett for early morning walks * helping my dad design a new office * organizing the office * selling some stuff on ebay (it's been sitting waiting on me forever) * visiting Gigi at her school * reading Goodnight Moon, Rainbow Fish, and many more * taking little road trips * play dates with Lydia & Norah Kate * painting my kitchen * catching up on Barrett's scrapbooks * Going to 'Baby Sing & Sign' classes * changing diapers * cooking suppers * watching Ellen (I'll try not to watch too much tv, but this one is a MUST) * kissing my husband when he leaves for work, and when he gets home * pulling weeds * planting flowers * learning Photoshop & Illustrator * feeding my baby-and NOT pumping everyday! * being an active member of Young Professionals * helping pick paint colors and signage for the local Chamber (my dad is always volunteering me for stuff!) * visiting Amber & Hadley in Oklahoma * most importantly... spending time with my Little Bear and watching him grow into a handsome and happy boy!
I know Barrett will keep my busy, and he is my FIRST it might take me a few years to get to everything on this list :) But, it's just a start! The RIDE starts here!! HOLD ON TIGHT!


  1. I can't wait to come home and visit YOU and Master B at home! btw, goodnight moon is an excellent book to help teach eye movement and focusing :)

  2. How exciting! I know you'll love being home. Congrats!

  3. Yeah for your last day! We are so excited for you. Have fun tonight with the girls. I love you!

  4. Well, my dear, you should be home by now and officially a stay at home mom!! I am so happy you are able to to make this work and pursue your dreams!!

    Good luck with your list of projects...but remember there is no rush! Sweet Barrett will only be little for such a short, short time. Cherish it...for all too soon you will be headed to preschool "Meet the Teacher Night" like I am in just a few hours!! I still so vividly remember our e-mails while I was pregnant with the little guy!! Time flies!

    I am just a phone call away if you are ever bored (believe me...that NEVER happens!), but just in case you are ever bored or just want to chat, I am always here!

    Have a wonderful evening! Love ya!

  5. Congrats on the "retirement"! I'm sure you will be so much happier to devote your time to your family and business.

  6. Congrats! Very exciting for you. I'm sure little Barrett will love growing up with his mommy home. And best of luck with your new busienss venture. :-)

  7. I know you are sooo excited!!
    I'm very happy for you and I'm counting on many more blogs from you detailing just how much fun you guys are going to be having!!
    And we REALLY need some EM!!


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