Thursday, July 17, 2008

our week in pictures

Yes, I am still alive! Just BUSY! I know I haven't posted since here are some pictures of what we've been up to :)

Aqua Babies swimming class on Monday & Wednesday evenings. Daddy came with us last night to get some pictures. It must have been Daddy night, because Norah and Lydia's dad's came too. They were all so proud standing along the edge of the pool snapping pictures. Oh...wait, maybe that was because they'd had strict instructions from their wives to get lots of good shots!
Doing our practice laps
Megan & Norah Kate practicing kicks
Barrett loved trying to grab the ball!
This is what happens after swimming is over...we lay all the babies on the grass to change them into dry clothes. This is Barrett, Lydia & Norah
Barrett and his favorite ducky toy...we stole it from Gigi's toy basket! Sometimes this is the only way to "distract" him, so he'll hold still long enough for me to change him!

A new addition to the family!! No, not another child, and not a pet. It's Kermit! Justin and Barrett let me get a new vacuum! If you know me, you know I LOVE to vacuum! Before my little angel came along, I would do it almost every-other day! The same obsession for vacuuming must be in Barrett's genes...look how excited he was!My house is small, so it only takes me about 20 minutes to buzz through the whole thing. Anyway...Our last vacuum bit the dust and we'd been using one of my parents (really old kirby) for several months. It was a great vacuum, but soo heavy! I'm happy to have a shiny new GREEN vacuum with fun gadgets! It's got a little duster wand on the side, after you use it to dust, you put it back in the holster, crank a knob, and ta-dah, sucks the dirt and yuck right outta that thing! You know I can't wait to dust all my fans and blinds this weekend and try that feature out!

The invitations are DONE! It spent every evening over the weekend working on these puppies! The bride picked them up Sunday and had them in the mail Monday morning! Now onto my next clients...

Barrett got a new toy! His friend Addison let him borrow her exersaucer, since she's too big for it now! It's made dinner time at our house much more fun...for Mommy and Daddy, that is! Justin and I can actually sit down and eat a meal while he entertains himself in the exersaucer. AND he loves to play in it outside. On Saturday evening, I took him outside with me to pull weeds. It got so nice and COOL out early Saturday evening, so we took advantage of the weather. He just played alongside me in the driveway while I pulled weeds in the flowerbeds. I still have a ways to go if you'd like to volunteer your weed pulling skills, stop by!


  1. Wow Miss Lady, you have been very busy!
    Thanks so much for Anne's Shower invites...they were beautiful of course!
    We need some EM time soon!!!
    Have a great wknd!!

  2. Hi Laura! It has been a very long time and you are still as sweet and entertaining as ever! I love the invitations and Barrett is SO CUTE! I am glad to see that you and Justin are doing so great. Have a terrific weekend!

  3. Aww, good for you kiddos all LOVE the water, too! And I love staying busy as well:)

    I found you through the blog-vine...from 4 Little Men. Looks like we have stuff in common...hop on over to my place if you want. Good day to do it, too...I'm having giveaways from my favorite natural baby store!!

    Take care!!!

  4. how cute! Barrett is such a happy little man! Nicholas loves his exersaucer too! We call it his 'office' because he is so busy in it. Glad you can eat dinner together again! We finally were able to do that when we thought to put him in the highchair with us at the table, worked wonders. Oh, these kids, I tell ya! :)

  5. My they are growing fast all three of them. Love the new vac and invites. I've been busy and now daddy is home yeah for daddy. Elizabeth turned 3 months on Monday. We need to get together while mike is home and before school starts then i'll be busy. have a lovely weekend.


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