Saturday, September 6, 2008

Letters to my Little Bear-14th Edition

Dear sweet Little Bear,
It's Saturday, September 6, 2008 at 9:30pm, and you're sleeping like an angel in your crib. It's taking all my might not to go in there and pick you up to cuddle you and kiss your sweet little head...I just watched a news special about a little girl that's been missing for several months and my heart aches to imagine what that would be like for any parent...then I was reading some blogs about a young couple with several children that were badly injured in a private plane crash. It was all just overwhelming and saddening me and I just want to squeeze you tight!

I need to move onto happier thoughts....
You've had some more FIRSTS since I last wrote you!

FIRST time on a four-wheeler! Daddy went VERY, very slow while you were on with him and held you very tight! Your father would want you to know that Mommy is a major 'worry wart'. Grandpa Rusty just got this new toy and Daddy took me for a little spin first. I was telling him "slow down", "be careful", "these things are so dangerous" the whole time! You certainly won't be riding one by yourself for a long, long time...if ever!

FIRST time to visit the zoo!

We went to the zoo with Aunt Kim and your cousins, Kylie and Emily. You'd had a runny nose for a few days (as you can see in most of the pictures), but you were such a little trooper!

We saw hundreds of animals that day, but this was the highlight of Kylie's zoo experience! Whenever Mommy or anyone else holds you, you always want to be facing out...only with Kylie will you face the other way and put your head on her shoulder. She did not want to give you up, but we knew her little arms had to be getting so tired.

FIRST time having some frozen mango in your mesh feeder!

It's so funny to watch you suck on the mango! You love it!

FIRST biter biscuit...and what a MESS!

Some other snapshots from this week!

You love crawling over to the front door. You sit there and watch the cars drive by. You think you're pretty big stuff, and like to put your hands on the glass and stand up!

Here you are after dumping our your entire toy basket...your new favorite game!

Since the basket was empty, I couldn't resist putting you loved it!

and of course had to stand up in the basket!!!

More basket fun...Mommy put you in with the clean sheets and towels and carried you to the bedroom to make the bed! I love this picture because you can see your two bottom toofers!! AND those sweet little thigh rolls and creases!

You make me smile so much, Little Bear! I LOVE YOU!!!


  1. Aww...I have been following along a little bit too with the story of the Nielson's. So, so tragic. She is VERY well known in the blogging world and has so much support. I know what you mean about wanting to go grab your munchkins out of bed and snuggle with them...I have been there SO many times. I usually just settle for standing in their rooms staring at them because no one gets good sleep when I tote them back to our room, but I totally know how you are feeling!!

    Looks like your Little Bear has been busy!! I had to laugh out loud at your comment about him never riding a four wheeler by himself!! Never say never my friend!!!

    Take care and talk to you soon!

    Lots of love!!

  2. Hi!! I love reading your blog! When I saw those blue eyes on Kylie and you mentioned Aunt Kim, I'm thinking, "that's GOT to be Kim Randall and her girls"??!!! Am I right? If so, it's a small world!! I love Kim!! I got to know her at scrapbook gatherings. What a sweet person!! So you have to tell me how your related?......Also, I wanted to tell you how happy I am that you are getting to stay at home with your little guy. It is soooo worth it, even having to do without some things, just to be home with him!! Congratulations!!..Hope you have a good week.
    Michielle in Burden


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