Monday, November 10, 2008

I am consumed by them...

Well...happy day to ME! Ready for some random rambling? If you have some time to kill, read on.

We had a gift card to Lowe's, so we went shopping Friday night and purchased a little space heater for Barrett's room and a *shiny* new toy for us! I'm probably a little bit more excited than Justin, since I'm pretty sure he doesn't lay awake in bed at night stressing about leaves. Yes, that's right. LEAVES!

Fall is still my favorite time of year, but it's about this time {Late October, early November} that I begin to get a little annoyed at the gathering leaves. I am consumed by them. Ahh...soft, leathery, yellow, red, green leaves floating down from the trees like feathers. Sounds beautiful, huh?!? Well, those kind of leaves are beautiful! It's the crunchy brown ones that end up in MY yard that tend to drive me bananas! They find a home right by my front and back doors. They are like massive snowdrifts, piled up at the front and back porches. And when the wind blows, which it does quite a bit here in Kansas, they really pile up high against the doors. Our front porch seems to be a magnet for all the leaves in the neighborhood! I guess it's the price you pay for living in a older neighborhood, verses one of those new additions with scrawny, little, just planted trees. Only five leaves on them each year! This past week, the wind was blowin' CRAZY around here, so by the weekend, we had leaves packed into every nook and cranny around the parameter of our house.

Our house is covered by a canopy of huge, probably hundred year-old trees. We love them in the summer, because they keep our whole house shaded all day, and it stays so cool.

Here is the back porch, front porch and driveway just before the leaf-extravaganza began

So, back to those snow drifts. Sometimes they gather there so fast, I actually have to exert force when trying to push the front door open. We came home from the grocery store Thursday night, and Justin had to shovel leaves away from the back door so we could get in. They'd blown in and drifted there in the hour we were away. And don't even get me started about when people come to visit during Fall, and come in the front door. I always have to say "don't mind my leaves" or "you can take those home with you when you leave." Sometimes it's like a game. See how fast you can open the door, rush inside, close the door and not bring more than 20 leaves IN with you!

The leaves don't only stress me out by taking over my front and back porches. They take over my entry and kitchen. Once they blow in or are tracked in. They get tracked around and stepped on and crunch into tiny little pieces everywhere. I'm constantly sweeping to keep the 'leaf crumbs' under control. This Fall it's even more important to stay on top of it...Mr. Barrett seems to think 'leaf crumbs' look mighty delicious! He can spot one on the wood floor in the entry from clear across the house, and will make a b-line over to try and snack on it.

Have I painted the picture well enough?!? Are you exhausted from all the leaves too? If so, you'll be just as excited about my new toy!

A sparkly new leaf blower/vacuumer/mulcher We had one of these we bought at a garage sale for $1 when we were first married, but it died a few years ago. I love these things!! They vacuum up the leaves so fast and can mulch up to 10+ bags of leaves into ONE! We spent the afternoon Sunday vacuuming the carport, driveway, sidewalk and entry; blowing leaves out of the shrubs and flower beds; and giving the yard one last mow for the season, to mulch up the leaves. This, mowing, was my favorite part! You see, in six years of marriage and owning this house...I have NEVER mowed the yard, never even touched the mower! My hubby is great at it, and I'm usually doing other things (pulling weeds, planting, trimming) when he mows. So yesterday afternoon, in the middle of the front yard, Justin gave me a mowing lesson! Then I went to town. The grass wasn't really that long, it was seeing the piles of leaves disappear that really excited me!

Well, I've rambled/vented about nothing long enough! If you're still reading at this point...treat yourself to a cookie, or two or three! I'll go treat myself to some payday mix. YES, I'm still eating that stuff! It might be a small addiction!

So, if you drive by my house in the next couple months, you just might see me out vacuuming the lawn :)


  1. YAY! How friggin excited are you!? I wanted to buy one desperately when we went to Lowe's with our gift card. BTW..aren't Lowe's gift cards, like, the BEST?! LOL. Anyway...I am really as excited for you as you've displayed. But shhhh, Carl can't know. Ha ha. Have fun with the mass leaf destruction :)

  2. You are too funny! Glad you got a fun new toy!! I know how annoying those leaves can be, but I MISS them! Seriously there are NO leaves in this {lovely} state. None. Just cactus and palm trees. And the "other" trees that can survive the heat down here down here don't have "regular" leaves and they certainly don't lose them.

    I am SOOOO ready to move home, can you tell?!!

    Okay...I better get my munchkins fed and things back under control! I have been laying down for the last hour and a half with a really bad headache and it is time to get moving!! I'll email ya back as soon as I get a chance!!

    Love ya!!

  3. You can tell your getting old when you are ecstatic about a leaf blower purchase! :) I can only say this because Roger and I also get the most excited about similar Lowes purchases!

    So, you enjoyed mowing the lawn for the first time. I remember my first lawn mower lesson - from my dad when I bought my first house 5 years ago. I was wearing flip flops which he quickly made me change. I enjoyed it 2 times and then it started getting on my nerves - just happy that Roger does that chore now. :)

    By the way, love the outside of your home and the beautiful colors. :)


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