Sunday, November 16, 2008


Barrett's been standing up and taking steps off and on for the last several weeks. I don't want my baby growing up, so I'm trying not to encourage it too much. BUT he's just so adorable when he weeble-wobbles around the room! He has mastered crawling and can get around really fast, so I'm surprised he tries standing and walking as much as he does. He'll just be sitting on the floor reading a book and decide to stand up with it. He plops down on his bum, and it doesn't even seem to phase him. He'll just keep reading his book, or stand right back up again. He's a funny and determined little mister!

I haven't really gotten many of his steps on video, so tonight I tried to capture a few. They make me *smile*

He still LOVES books more than ever too. I get such a kick out of watching him"read." When we're riding in the car, I always give him a book to look at. I watch him in the rear-view mirror...he has it open in his lap, looking at it so intently as he turns the pages. Here he is checking out his tiger book.


  1. look at him go! He wasn't doing that good on friday when I saw him. He's so fast!!!! Smart boy. Love you guys, K

  2. Wow. Looks like he's really getting the walking thing down! I love their first little wabbly steps. :)

  3. Oh my, look at him walking!! How exciting! :)


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