Friday, November 7, 2008

"Ahh, such sweet kisses"

As if I wasn’t already completely confident and content with my decision to stay at home, yesterday confirmed I am in the right place. I am thankful for everyday I have to be at home with my baby boy, but yesterday was the best day yet!

After lunch, Barrett and I were sitting in the middle of the family room floor. We spend most of our day there together, playing with toys and reading books. It's the prefect, cozy spot! I laid my head down on his Boppy pillow and closed my eyes, pretending to be asleep. He was sitting right beside me and leaned over and gave me a baby kiss right on my forehead! I opened my eyes and looked at him and said “ahh, such sweet kisses.” He just smiled, looking at me like he knew exactly what he’d done. It made me giggle, and then he started giggling. I couldn’t resist, so I closed my eyes again, and sure enough, he leaned over and gave me another kiss! Again, I said “ahh, such sweet kisses,” and we just laid there giggling back and forth at each other.

It was one of the sweetest moments yet with my Little Bear.

He started giving kisses a few weeks ago when we were in Branson. You just pucker up your lips and make smooch sounds and say “give kisses,” and he’ll lean at you with an open mouth and warm baby breath and push his lips against yours. They are the most precious things! We are so blessed.

It was one year ago (November 4, 2007) that we had maternity pictures taken. My pregnancy started out very rough, but after the first few months, it was smooth sailing and I loved being pregnant. I wanted to be sure I had something to look back on and remember those days. I am so glad I have belly was HUGE!I can’t believe it was one year ago that we took these and had our baby boy all warm and cozy growing inside. We wondered what he would look like, if he would have hair, what kind of personality he would have…Now, one year later, he’s nine months old. He’s such a little man, developing his own personality, and giving me kisses!

*Amazing* God is good!


  1. Awwwwwwe! Maternity pictures are DEFINITELY a great idea. They're so beautiful! What can I and JustIn made a perfect little boy! :)

  2. How sweet is that?! I am sure you will find as time goes on that it just gets better and better! It is REALLY hard to watch them grow at warp speed before your very eyes, but once they learn to do things with a purpose, it is so neat!!

    I can't believe he will be ONE in January already! Where does the time go?!! Seems like just yesterday I was about to go crazy waiting on updates from Audra! Oh how the time flies by!!

  3. Kisses from your baby are the best kind. We are so fortunate to be able to stay home and love on our little ones all the time.


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