Saturday, November 22, 2008

Letters to my Little Bear~ 15th Edition

Happy TEN MONTHS, Little Bear!!

Today is Saturday, November 22nd. On Tuesday, November 18th, you were ten months old! That day was also your cousin Kylie's 10th birthday. We went over to her house for dinner and cake to celebrate.

Your sweet little monkey just keeps shrinking and shrinking!!

You love him SO MUCH! He always gets big hugs and kisses from you!

You have been a busy boy so far this month. On November first, you spent your first night away from Mommy and Daddy while we were out of town. You stayed with Grandma and Grandpa and you were such a good boy. We missed you BUNCHES and couldn't wait to get back home to you.

November 4th was election day, so you went with Mommy to the polls to vote. The line was very long, and I forgot to bring in any toys to keep you busy. Luckily one of Mommy's friends was ahead of us in line and she had a little book in her purse. That made you very happy and kept you entertained for the rest of the time we had to wait. Right before it was my turn to vote, another friend (Grandma Jenny and Grandpa Rabbit's neighbor) came and said she would hold you. After we were all done, you got a sticker!

Yes, sweetie, your vote did count...unfortunately it wasn't enough.

Here you are as we watch the election coverage.
The numbers were coming in and you started to look a little worried!

And, here you are after Mommy told you the news.

Sorry sugar. We were disappointed too, but we must move on.
So, I gave you some puffs and you were happy again.

You've had lots of new food firsts this month. Baby food with meat-you were not a fan, but we tried it again yesterday and you seemed to like it a bit more. Real banana-not a fan. You made some really funny faces and usually took it out of your mouth, but we'll keep trying. Mashed potatoes-seemed to like them. You'll get to try Aunt Debbie's at Thanksgiving next week. They're much better! Potato salad-We were eating at Rib Crib with Gigi and Papa and you seemed to like these. You also got some dribbles of water out of Mommy's straw for the first time while we were here. You loved that! I would hold one end of the straw with my finger and you would open your mouth like a little birdie, ready for a drink.

This month you've really starting taking lots of steps and doing lots of standing. You are so cute when you walk. By Christmas, you should be crusin' along! On November 10th you had your first high temperature- 101.9 degrees. It was very scary for Mommy and Daddy, but we got it down and took you to the doctor the next day.

Your friend, Lydia turned ONE on Sunday, November 16th. We went out to her house for lunch and birthday cupcakes. You were the only little boy there, but you had fun playing with Norah Kate, Lydia, Hadley and Kennedy.

Here you are with one of your favorite books. You still love books! You got this one from Norah Kate's Grandma Carol and Papa Dave on Halloween! It was your favorite treat.

The rest of this month will be busy too. Thanksgiving is next week and you'll get to see you great aunts and uncles, and cousins. You'll get to see Mamo. AND Uncle Bobby will be home for the first time since he moved to Nebraska for his new job! We have missed him bunches. Thanksgiving day is also Mommy's 29th birthday! I'm so lucky I get to celebrate my birthday with all of our family! The weekend after Thanksgiving is when Daddy and I usually put up the outside Christmas lights! This year if it's not too cold out, you can help too!

You have been so much fun his month. Giving kisses and hugs, waving bye-bye. You've got such a sweet little personality. Happy ten months little bear! I LOVE YOU!


  1. I totally agreed with Barrett and can understand him being upset. He's a very smart lad for being so young. ;)

  2. Love the pictures with the election rusults. I had the same reaction. Where did the last 10 months go?


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