Thursday, November 12, 2009


Oh my goodness, I've been a horrible blogger lately! I hate that I haven't been posting very often...for my loyal readers, and for the sake of our memories! Things are just so crazy right now with my business, and I hardly have time to even breathe! I am still loving every minute of it, but with portrait sessions, editing, assembling wedding invites, and my duties as a wife and mother...I could really use a few more hours in the day! I am looking forward to next month, when things will slow down and I can enjoy the holidays!

Of course I'm also forcing myself to work on my Blurb book every chance I get!! I have decided in 2010, I will slurp my posts and pictures into Blurb at the end of each month. That way I'm not doing a whole year's worth and then trying to tweak the layout. I am WAY too anal for that business! Plus, I'm finding that it's telling me some of my images are low resolution and may not print well?!?! I don't understand it. Anyone that's done a book know about this? It doesn't make sense...I will have three images in a post (example: 4th of July) that were all taken the same day, with the same camera, uploaded the same way, etc. AND it's telling me that two of them are fine, but one has the little low-resolution "warning" symbol over it? Anyone? It's only frustrating to me because all of my pictures from my 2008 blog are on the PC in our office. I only use that computer if I'm printing invites or envelopes for clients, and I don't have the Booksmart software downloaded on it. I'm not sure what's the easiest way to get these pictures replaced. I don't want to have to leave them out of the book!

AND...what's a post without a few pictures!?!
(A few pictures that might be fun to share with Barrett's first girlfriend)

Barrett loves to dress-up in our clothes, hats and shoes. Every morning while I'm in the bathroom getting ready, he's sitting on the floor of our closet putting on our shoes. He loves Daddy's work boots, cowboy boot and tennis shoes. He likes my flip flops and high heels. He also loves to wear Daddy's hats around. And yes, he's also still sporting the Christmas capri jammies. They're all the rage, people!

By the way...If you were praying for Stellan, but haven't heard the AMAZING news, you'll want to go check it out!
The game is over...and God, Stellan's doctors and Stellan all hit a HOME RUN! Wow!


  1. I had the same trouble with pictures. The only thing I have come up with is that you do not want to take your pictures from blogger. Meaning when it slurps all your posts and pictures, you don't really want to use those pictures, you need to use them from a source that doesn't mess up the quality. Notice that it will also slurp pictures from photobucket and other sites. I think those come through with fine quality. Or you want to just take them straight from your computer, I think this is the BEST way, knowing that your picture quality and sizes weren't changed in anyway. But yeah, that doesn't really explain why only SOME are doing that to you, and it doesn't help if you don't want to get them from your PC. But when I replaced a few of my pictures that were saying bad quality with the ones straight from my computer it solved the problem. I'm TRYING to work on my book too...not getting far. I DOUBT I'll make the deadline. I even slurped at different times through the year and I'm still way behind. Good luck with yours, may help may not have gotten you anywhere, but it's what I've found out while workign on mine.

    And adorable pics of Barrett!

  2. THANKS, Amanda! I'm just glad to know I'm not the only one this is happening to! I think I'll just end up loading the Booksmart software on the PC, so I can finish the 2008 book. After that, future books will be on the Mac or backed up on flash drives. I know this is seeming like a HUGE pain, but I will be soooo happy to have the printed book! I'm already having a blast reading through old posts from 2008.

    Good luck finishing up your book by the deadline! I'm not sure I'll make it! Only 12 more days! I'm only through 40 posts out of 200...

  3. Its been 4 weeks since I've blogged, what are you complaining about? I love reading your blog and you inspire me to do better about blogging, that is when things slow down a bit. Really I will! I'm missing my little Mr. B again. Can't wait to snuggle up to him soon. Love you.

  4. Barrett is too cute wearing your heels. You'll definetly need to use these to embarrass him when he gets older - I can just imagine him being horrified that these are displayed at his Senior Year open house. :)


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