Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Letters to my Little Bear~20th Edition

Happy 22 months, Little Bear!!!

I've probably said this before, but I really, really mean it are at the most fun age yet!! I am amazed by you every single day. Doing things I had no idea you could do (putting both boots on by yourself, and on the right feet). Saying words I didn't know you even knew! The other night while I was in the kitchen making super, you and Daddy were playing on the floor in the family room. You were coloring, and I heard him ask you "what color is this, Barrett"? Without missing a beat, you answered "purple." I immediately popped my head around the corner to ask Daddy, "was that right"? Sure enough, it was. I told him, I didn't even know that you knew that color/word!

Some new words this month:
snack (this means fruit snacks), teacher, children, rag, pizza, guy, bunny, trash
You're saying so many {new} words every day, I can't even keep up with them! I need to carry a notebook around in my back pocket to write them all down!

You're still not the greatest eater in the world, but I think that's pretty typical for a toddler. I'll just keep putting meals in front of you, and hopefully one of these days you'll start eating a little more of them. There are a few things that you'll clean off your plate: macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, and pizza. You LOVE pizza! We've been enjoying the Monday night "Beat the Clock" special at Gambino's Pizza. You can't beat a $6.00 large pizza! But even better, you can't beat the excitement of your squeals when we bring it home and put it on the table!!

Just last night, Daddy and I were on the couch watching tv and you spilled a little water from your sippy cup on the carpet. You looked at us and said what we thought was "snack." We just looked at you in confusion, and said "it's okay honey, it's just water." Next thing we knew you headed down the hall, and we heard drawers opening and closing. I looked to Daddy and said, what in the world is he doing? Before long, you were headed back in with one of your washcloths from the bathroom drawer. You bent down and cleaned up the water. You had been telling us "rag," not "snack." What a good little boy...every tiny little thing you do makes us proud!

You are a total BOY, and getting more and more independent every day. You love playing with cars and throwing the football. The day I took these, you were playing on the floor with a car that Grandma and Papa got you. I love watching the 'wheels turn' while you're deep in concentration, and playing on your own. As you can see, you love to wear hats too! You put them on yourself, and I love that you were wearing this one backwards on this day :) You've always got one on...even just playing around the house. Either this one, your blue baseball helmet, your cowboy hat, your brown stocking cap, or one of Daddy's ball caps.

What you've been up to:

*You're still going to school (Kid's Day In) at our church every Friday from 9am-1pm, and you're still crying every time I leave you there. It breaks my heart, but I know you only cry for a little while, and then you get to playing. All of the teachers are so sweet, and they let you sit in their lap, and they read to you until you stop crying. I know this, because I watch through the window for a few minutes. I can't leave until I know my baby is okay. I know you love it there, because you talk about "school" all the time. You love to carry around the pictures you've made at school. Last Friday they gave us a picture magnet of all the kids and teachers from Halloween. You carry that thing with you everywhere, pointing out and saying Jackson, Lydia, Addison, Miss Molly, Miss Ellen, etc. Last week, they had to call me because you were extra sad, and they were worried about you. You weren't crying, but they just said you weren't yourself. I came to pick up you early that day. This week, I get to stay and help in your that means you'll be extra ornery!

*On Tuesday mornings (and sometime Thursday mornings), we go to playgroup.

*On Wednesday mornings, we go to story-time at the Library with Mrs. Jo. We read one of your favorite books, "Brown Bear." It melts my heart a little, each time I hear you mumble "brown bear, brown bear, what do you see"...I might be the only one that understand what you're saying, but it's still adorable! This book is where you learned the words teacher and children. Mimi just loves to hear you say children.

*Today, you had your H1N1 vaccination, and you were such a good boy! We were in and out of there in about 5 minutes. We'll go back next month for your second dose.

We are looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday next week. Your Uncle Bobby and Aunt Jenn will be coming home on Wednesday night, and your Uncle Jeff will also be home for the holiday! You haven't seen any of them in a long time. They will be so surprised and what a little man you are! Mommy also celebrates a birthday next week (shh...don't tell anyone that I'm going to be 30)!

We love you more than anything, Little Bear! I can't even imagine our lives without you. You bring us so much joy and laughter. My favorite times are spent cuddling with you, listening to your belly laughs as Daddy tickles you, and your squeals of excitement as we chase you around the house. The other day while Daddy was home for lunch, you were so tired, you fell asleep in my arms on the couch. You haven't really done that since you were a baby. I loved every second of holding you there in the crook of my arm, watching you breathe. I could have held you there for the whole three hours of your afternoon nap, but I put you in your bed when Daddy went back to work! It makes me sad that you're not a baby anymore...but I love watching the little man that you're becoming.

Love you to the moon and back,
Mommy and Daddy


  1. What a cutie cute boy!! You are making me so excited to have one myself. Love your blog girl. :)

  2. He is turning into such a little man!

  3. So cute!!! He is a little light!

    Have you read the book "My Child Won't Eat". It will totally curb any concerns you have about him 'not eating enough'.

  4. haha thats so cute about him cleaning up the water. I can't wait to see him and play tackle in gigi and papa's living room.


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