Thursday, January 21, 2010

24 Months

Happy 2nd Birthday, Little Bear!!

You are TWO! I'm a little sad that I can no longer say my son is 20 months or 23 months.
No need to say 24 months or 26 will just be two. My son is two.

So, here they are...your last monthly monkey shots.

* You wake up somewhere between 7:30-8:30 each morning

* You'll call out "Mama, Mommy, Mom....Maaaaaama" when you're ready for me to come get you. Daddy thinks that's hilarious!

* Your favorite things for breakfast these days are: oatmeal (peach or strawberry) or apple cinnamon pop tarts with cinnamon-sugar on top

* Our mornings are filled with many activities throughout the week:
Monday-this is our day at home, playing with blocks or playdough
Tuesday-PAFT playgroup
Wednesday-Storytime at the library
Thursday-PAFT playgroup
Friday-Toddler Art and Indoor play at the gym
I decided not to enroll you in the KDI program at our church this semester. You had just sort-of adjusted to me leaving you last semester, and then all of the teachers you were used to (college students) weren't able to come back. I just decided to wait until the Fall, and hopefull you'll enjoy it more. We have plenty to do together for now.

*We eat lunch together every day. Most days Daddy is able to come home for lunch, and that always make you happy. This week we went to visit Gigi for lunch at her school. You had fun playing in her classroom

*After lunch it's nap time! You are still a great napper, and for the last several weeks you have been asking me to go night-night! We sit on the couch together and watch a cartoon. After a few minutes, you will usually look up at me and say "night-night, Mama." I love it! You typically sleep from 1-4. Sometimes a little longer, sometimes no quite that long. Your nap time is my work time, so I hope you'll continue to be a great napper for a long time.

*When you get up from your nap, you're always ready for a snack! We play together until Daddy gets home. I'm looking forward to Spring, so we can get outside in the afternoon and go for walks.

*The evenings with Daddy are filled with games, dinner and lots of laughter. Tonight we all sat on the floor together and played ball. You were making Daddy wear your baseball helmet, and roll a mini basketball to you. You would kick it right back. You are going to be a great little soccer player, just like your cousins!

*You love bath time again (there were a few weeks awhile back that you were not a fan). The only part you don't have down is to look up when we wash the shampoo out of your hair. I hardly pour any water on your head, and you cover your eyes and say "owww, owww."

*Bedtime is still a breeze with you. We put on jammies and cuddle on the couch with Daddy until you're ready for bed. Usually around 7:30 or 8, we give night-night kisses and go in to brush your teeth. You like to sit up on the bathroom counter to brush your teeth. I have to let you do it all by yourself for a few minutes. Then I usually take over, and we count to ten while Mommy brushes them for you. After the teeth, you stand up on your little green stool and wash your hands.

Mommy lays you in your bed, and covers you up with your biggie {the name you gave your green and brown minky blanket about a month or two ago}. I read you one book...and then you hold up one finger and say "one more book." So of course I read you one more book. Then I get you a fresh cup of ice water. You have to have the ice in there!

Our days are not too exciting, but that's just the way I like it! You say lots of funny things, and you do lots of funny things.

*I can't even begin to list your new words this pretty much know what everything is, and are using two and three word sentences. *You love to count things. You'll line up your blocks in a row on the floor and count them. Sometimes you'll start with one-two-three, but usually it's six-seven-eight-nine. *You're getting better with your colors, but the one you usually always get right is green or "geen" as you say it. *You recognize the letter {B} anywhere. *You scribble on paper and say "name" like you've just signed your name. You also like to scribble on paper like you're drawing a woof-woof. *You love to dance while playing your new guitar, but you don't like for Mommy to dance! *Your favorite song to sing is "happy birthday" *Next week you go to the doctor for your two year check up and immunizations. We'll find out how much you've grown!

Happy Birthday, Little Bear!! You are the {JOY} of my days! I love you with all my heart!!


  1. if he sounds anything like that Family Guy commerical, I can see why it would be so funny - my kids have both been saying "Ma, mama, mommeee, MOM!" b/c of that commercial - it is the funniest thing ever!

  2. Cute post...I love that he has a fresh cup of ice water...with ice!!! How cute!!! Love it!

  3. Wow where did the last 2 years go? B is getting so big. Love all the pictures.

  4. I cannot believe it's been 2 years! I've loved being able to watch Barrett grow up!


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