Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mister B's Cowboy Party::The Fun & Guests

It's the middle of the week, and I think things are starting to get back to normal after all the birthday festivities. Barrett has taken some long naps the past few days...he's been pretty worn out from all the partying! I'm worn out from sorting though all the pictures! Thanks again to Mimi for taking pictures at the party for me. I knew I would be too busy to catch any action during the party, so she was a big help.

After all of Barrett's guests arrived, we decided to open gifts first. The kids were all so good during the opening. I never know what to's hard to watch someone else open all those fun things. Barrett got some really fun things. I loved that all of the cards from his little friends had their "signatures" and drawings in them. So sweet! Every time he got clothing, he would hold it up to his chest and say "fit me"? He had one {mini-meltdown} in the middle of the gift opening. I have never seen him act like that...lovely that he did it in front of all his friends and family! Kids have great timing like that :-) I think he was just frustrated that he had all these neat toys, and he wanted to play with them. His sweet cousins were trying to help, and show him how to use things, but he just wanted to do it all himself! Thankfully it didn't last too long and we were able to finish up the gifts.

After gifts, it was time for CAKE!!
I wasn't sure if Barrett would blow out the candle, but he did!

I wondered if Justin would cringe when the kids destructed his masterpieces...
but he didn't mind. It was fun to see the kids enjoying them.

The horse cupcakes were a hit!! I think all the kids had fun licking the chocolate off the horses head.

Thanks to my mom for the wonderful idea to borrow a table from one of the preschool classrooms at her school! She and my dad hauled it home Friday night, bathed it in disinfectant. and set it up in the sunroom. It was perfect for all the kids to sit together and eat their cake! I had gotten a brown tablecloth for it, and was excited that the red chairs matched my color theme!!

::Barrett's Party Friends::
We were sad that some of Barrett's little friends were sick, or not able to make it to the party.
We missed you...Grant, Hayden, Addison, Hadley & Jillian

Barrett's cousins, Kylie and Emily, dressed the part! They were so cute in their braids, plaid shirts, and cowboy hats! They were such great helpers with the little ones too!

Kylie, Norah Kate, Kennedy, Barrett, Lydia, Emily (and Brody-not pictured here)

After we handed out the favors and took some group pictures, it was time for everyone to go.
The ever-important nap time was waiting!!

After everyone leaves, I like to set up all the gifts and get a picture of Barrett with his gifts. Opening everything is usually a blur, so it's fun to set it all up and see what he got. He loves everything, and we've spent hours and hours playing with it all already!

THANK YOU to everyone for coming to celebrate with us...
it just wouldn't have been the same without each of you there!

{More photos of the party "Cupcakes & Decorations" can be found IN THIS POST}


  1. I love how Emily looks like she is blowing the candle out too. Barrett is one lucky little guy. We love him so much!

  2. What a great time! Lydia and I had a great time. Everything turned out great!! So glad the little cowboy had a fUN time!

  3. know that was from me, Audra, right??

  4. Once again, another great party. You and Justin really outdid yourself with the cupcakes - those were just the coolest. I'm sure that you'll have many, many daily visitors to your blog just because of those. :) And it's great that your hubby did most of the decorating - what a great guy. :)

  5. What a fun party! Looks like all the kids had a great time! Super job, Mommy (and Daddy...nice beard, Justin)!!


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