Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cut the cake & lets eat some more

It makes me think of the good old days
Happy birthday to you
You sure grew out of your baby ways
Happy birthday to you

Second birthday, we wish you many more
Health and wealth and friends by the score
Cut the cake and lets eat some more
Happy birthday to you

I sure am a sucker for getting John McCutcheon songs stuck in my head, huh?!? I think my friend Megan might be responsible for this one...we both enjoy singing this song! And it's just what I sang to Barrett on the morning he turned TWO! We ate birthday pancakes together (seems like just yesterday we were eating {1} pancakes), I sang to him, and he told me "no, Mama." I was excited to make my shaped pancakes this time. I bought a little plastic squeeze bottle at Garden Ridge when were in Tulsa for the girls weekend. I think it was Megan's sister, Erin, that told me this bottle was her secret to easy shapes and letters. It worked great. I'm really looking forward to making my Valentines hearts now! They'll be so much easier and I can make lots of fun colors!

After birthday pancakes, we headed to Megan's for birthday muffins with Norah Kate, Audra and Lydia. Yes, you can have two breakfasts on your birthday! It was so sweet of them to have us over to celebrate Barrett's special day! The muffins were delicious, and Norah Kate's playroom was the perfect spot for the kids to sit together and eat.

After muffins, the kids played. Barrett always loves to play Brent's piano. The singing birthday mouse was also a big hit!

When we got back home that morning, Barrett had a special delivery...birthday balloons and a teddy bear from his Uncle Todd. He felt bad he couldn't make it to the party on Saturday, because he had to work. Barrett has had a ball with those balloons ever since!

These pictures below are actually from Sunday night (the day before his birthday). We knew there would be a lot going on Monday, so we let him open our gifts early. The barn has already gotten a lot of use. He loves to dump out the sack of animals he got from his friend Kennedy and fill the barn with them. The giant coloring book was also a hit. He likes to lay down on the floor, on his belly to color...and he always wants me to lay right beside him.

Barrett was born at 3:25pm on January 18, he was sleeping soundly when I paused to remember that day, and the event that changed my life forever.

Monday afternoon, when Barrett got up from his nap, we picked up Mimi and the girls to go play at the park. The weather was beautiful that day!! It felt like Spring, and everyone was out enjoying the weather! Barrett had fun climbing around on the playground, and going down the slides with Kylie and Emily.

Monday evening we met Gigi, Papa, Mimi, Grandma, Kylie and Emily at Gambino's for pizza. Anytime we ask Barrett what he wants for dinner, his answer is always "pizza." We had a room upstairs all to ourselves, and got to visit and eat. Barrett was being a little stink-pot that evening...I think he was still out of it from all the activities from the past few days. As much as he loves pizza, he didn't eat too much of it. BUT he was ready for the cake!
*oops: with all the rush to get the pizza ordered, pick up the cake, and get Barrett around...I forgot my camera! My sister-in-law forgot hers too! Darn!

It was a fabulous day with friends and family! Thank you to everyone that made Barrett's birthday special!


  1. Those pancakes are awesome. I want to see a pic of the bottle so I can get one. We ALWAYS do bday and holiday pancakes at our house! The girls would LOVE heart shaped ones for vday!!

  2. Hello, I love your blog, and the pictures you posts!!! One question, how do you arrange your pics like you do? Is it here on blogspot or in photoshop? If you don't mind emailing me back, I would greatly appreciate it!
    Thank you, and happy birthday to your little one!!


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