Thursday, January 14, 2010

Party Planning Mode

I am in full-out party planning mode...cowboy style!

Ask Barrett what kind of birthday party he's going to have, and he'll tell you "a cow party."
I laugh every time, because it sounds like "a cow potty" or "a cow patty."

The party is Saturday, so I have one more day to finish things up. I had planned to keep things simple this year...but that's pretty much impossible for me. Once I get a theme in my head, the ideas just keep flowing. Like my design/photo bio says...{the creative part of my brain never sleeps}

I can't just make the favor bags, and there they are. I have to make custom tags, use coordinating ribbon, etc. etc. It's like a disease! So anyway, all of my little projects are about wrapped up, and tomorrow night we make the cupcakes! I have already told Justin that he can't go play ping-pong with his friends until the cupcakes are done. He is the creative one in the kitchen! We are attempting horse cupcakes, so we'll see how it goes! He has to top his monkey cupcakes from last year. I told him that I get at least 10 hits on my blog a day...just related to those monkey cupcakes!


  1. Love the theme, invite, etc. You are so creative. Can't wait to see photos - especially of the cupcakes. :) Good luck with everything on Saturday!

  2. You know I LOVE me a good party!! The invites are darling...I cannot wait to see how it comes together! And best of luck on those cupcakes!! I am not so creative in the kitchen myself!! :)

  3. love the monkeys! Maybe you should hire him out!! hee hee

  4. I'm in the party planning zone myself, although mine aren't nearly as fabulous as yours! We're attempting to squeeze Katie's in early before #3's arrival. Have a great time and I can't wait to see pictures!


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