Sunday, January 3, 2010's 2010?!?!

I'm sure everyone feels a little bit the same way! The years really do just fly by. Sometimes the months feel like they drag on, but then when I look back, I'm always amazed at how fast life goes by. It really does seem like just a couple years ago we were going from 1999 to 2000!! I celebrated that New Year as a sophomore at Kansas State.

I love that I get to celebrate every New Year with my some of my favorite people! My friend, Megan, and her husband always host a get-together at their house. It's Brent's {favorite} time of year! Some years, we have quite a few people show up. Some years, we're all pregnant, and it's pretty low-key. Some years, it's just a small crowd...but we always have fun! This year it was a small crowd, and two of the ladies were prego.

We dropped Barrett of at Gigi & Papa's to stay the night, since we would be out late. Then we met Audra and Kane for dinner at the new Pizza Hut Wing Street. After dinner we all headed to Megan & Brents. We had more food: spin/dill dip, popcorn, crackers, cream puffs, eclairs, peanuts and black eyed peas dip.

Every year (as in this year and last), I have my mom take our family picture in front of her tree. Here is our last family picture of 2009!

Obviously need to take the red eye out of that first one!

It's a NEW year, and I have lots I can't wait to blog about! Right now, I'm in a bit of a funk! I always get a little depressed right after the holiday hullabaloo is all over. I am so sad to have to take down my Christmas stuff. I usually wait until the Sunday after New Years...and that would be today! So when Barrett goes to bed tonight, I'll have him say "bye-bye" to the Christmas tree. He'll be so sad. He loves running out every morning to turn it on. I'll miss the warm glow of those white twinkling lights, it's just so cozy!

I am ready to get clean and organized in the new year though! I was up until 4am last night/this I could have totally justified a nap today. Instead I orange oiled all of my kitchen cabinets and deep cleaned the counters and floors! I guess I'm off to a good start at getting out of the funk! Hoping to paint the kitchen sometime this month, before my photo sessions pick back up. My office needs a major overhaul too, and I've been working like crazy to revamp my business website, blog and pricing/packaging. It is a big job...but I hope to have it all finished this month.

I just feel like I have so many things on my to-do head is SPINNING! Did I mention Barrett turns two in just a couple weeks, so I'm busy planning a cowboy party?!?! Invitations, decorations, cupcakes, favors, the monkey picture banner and of course the annual birthday slideshow! That is why I was up all night! I started and finished the 2nd year slideshow all last night!! I will share that later. Before I started that, I took a few minutes to watch his 1st year slideshow...and I was ballin' like a big baby!

Okay, this is a lot of random rambling! See, my brain is fried...and very tired! I'll be sharing more from the party planning soon!


  1. I will agree about how time flies. I can remember those picture of NYE 2000 and the mini toliet! I believe Kane and his roomies were over that day. I can not believe you were up so late! Old habits die hard I guess... Studio Queen :)

  2. When you get older you will go to bed earlier and get up earlier. I was a busy gal until 1 then finished a book.

  3. Looks like you had a great New Year! I too get depressed around this time of the year - what with taking down the Christmas decor and the long and cold winter ahead. Sort of wish we could just fast forward to spring - especially this year. :)

    Good luck with all you have to accomplish in the upcoming weeks. I too plan on making lots of business overhauls - the work never seems to end! :)

  4. Great pics of you all together at New Years! I think almost every time I read your blog I am absolutely amazed at all the projects you have going on and are able to complete! You are amazing girl!


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