Monday, March 1, 2010

Learning the modes on your DSLR

I have a lot of friends and followers that have DSLR's. Many of you have just purchased your first SLR camera, and have emailed me with questions about the different setting modes. {Auto, P, TV, AV, M, sports, portrait, night, etc.}  After my post on natural light the other day, one of my friends told me she wasn't even sure how to turn her flash off. I told her that was because she was in the "green box," and therefore the camera was making all the decisions for her.  That means most of the time, the camera assumes you don't have enough light, and pops up your flash automatically.

I am a friend of Tamron Lenses on Facebook, and they just posted this great video today. The video starts off with a great tip for amateurs who want to easily get out of the "green box" and resolve that popping up flash issue I mentioned above!

Watch this quick "DSLR Know-How Video" from Tamron.

I don't own a Tamron lens....yet, but they do put out some great little videos! 
Happy Monday~Enjoy!

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