Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Holiday Rewind--Belated Tuttle Christmas

Neither of my brothers were in town for Christmas day, so we celebrated later in the week.
Everyone got to town late-afternoon on the 28th, so as soon as Justin got off work, we had Christmas!
Did everything just like we normally do on Christmas morning...only a few days later, and in the evening :)

Mom's beautiful table set for Christmas dinner

The kiddos love their Uncle Bobby and Aunt Jenn

Took the annual 'cousin Christmas jammies' picture, we usually take Christmas Eve.
Jones wasn't really a fan...

The next day the girls went shopping!
Me and my sis-in-laws...
we all tried on the same outfit, and bought it!

That night we went for Mexican and margaritas, then to the Isle of Lights

Brian, Sarah and the kids left Friday.
But we had a couple more days to spend with Brandon and Jenn in town.
We went to dinner at Montana Mikes...

We took a few pictures before Brandon and Jenn left town.


  1. Love, love the matching outfits! Where did you buy them by the way? Love your new house too! Congrats!

    1. I'm thinking you meant the sis-in-law outfits (not the cousin jammies) haha...they are from JC Penney. But they were clearance, and I think we got the last three purple cardigans!


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