Tuesday, January 17, 2012

journey of our tree

I set up our Christmas tree earlier than ever.
Right before we left to head to Nebraska for Thanksgiving.
We weren't sure if our house would be sold before Christmas at that time, or not.

Very soon after that, we found out we would be closing on December 19th!
I was NOT going to take the tree down, and be without one for the holidays!

So, I made my hubby load 'er up in the moving truck!

I rode in the back (probably very illegal) holding the tree upright, out to the new house.
Justin and I talked on speaker the whole way, so he could make sure I was okay :)

{self portrait of me and my tree bouncin' along}

At the new house, on December 17th, we set the tree up in the family room...
After the ride, it need a little TLC. Branches squished, ornaments all over, etc.

Audra and I scooted the tree out, and painted the family room...

A few days later, we had to move the tree AGAIN!
It went to the entry, so new carpet could be installed...

I kinda liked it there!
I got a NEW bigger tree on Clearance after Christmas, so maybe this little guy will go in the entry this year. I got it on Clearance the first year we were married ($7 at Walmart), so I'm kinda attached!

Finally, it moved back into the family room.
We had carpet and furniture, so Justin picked out a new spot for it.

Wowsa! That poor tree must be exhausted!!


  1. Oh My you have been busy posting!! I'm not sure how you do it all...incredible! I enjoy watching your beautiful house transform. It looks great and I agree, its a TON of fun :-) By the way, I adore the pic of Barrett on Xmas running towards his Santa gifts! A treasured memory.

  2. I love seeing your house transformation too! It's like looking at Pinterest~you are so creative!
    The tree~if only it could talk....I think the picture of you and the tree in the back of the moving truck is hilarious!

    Love the color of your living room wall...very nice.


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