Friday, January 6, 2012

New "studio"

I've always said I didn't want a studio...
I wanted to do everything on-location, and outdoors only!

BUT, after moving into the new house, I am liking the idea more :)
One of my favorite things about this house is all the natural light! So many big beautiful windows.
The first thing I do every morning is open them all wide and let in the sun! 

Our dining room has big french doors, hardwood floors, and right now it's an empty room.
That makes it the perfect natural light "studio."
So until we get dining room furniture, I will use it as my new studio!

My dad made me this new backdrop stand...

I wanted to use it for a one-year old session yesterday, so Barrett helped me test it out!

He's a cute little test subject, huh?!?

After that, I had my first "official" client session at the new house!
It was beautiful out yesterday (65 in January), so we went outside for a few pictures by the pine trees.
Then we used the "studio" for some backdrop shots and a cake smash.

It was perfect!
I am in love with the new house even more after that! I got to work, and I never left my house! up, I need to get my office painted and organized!

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