Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vroom, vroom....Race Car Birthday

Barrett's BIG Birthday week is over!
He had a playdate party with friends on Monday, took treats to school to celebrate on Tuesday, opened gifts and went to dinner with Mommy and Daddy on Wednesday (his actual birthday), and had a family party on Saturday!

To say he's sad his Birthday week is over would be an understatement.

His favorite thing to do is play with cars, so this year's theme was a no-brainer!
Planning this year's party was the most fun yet. Barrett is at a great age to help!
AND he was such a great helper...really!

{party invite}
designed in photoshop with images purchased from vectorstock.com
orange patterned designs-digital paper pack from Sassy Designs

{welcome guests}
we made a race track on the sidewalk up to the front door.
Barrett had a blast helping with this!!

We put our own labels on bottles of orange Hawaiian Punch (lemon berry flavor)
*Happy to share the digital file for printing the labels at home, just email me

{party favors}
CARS, of course!!
THANK YOU! I am "wheelie" glad you came to my party!

little plastic "paint can" jars from Paper Mart
Cars & Ribbon-Walmart

coloring books
*Happy to share the digital file for printing color book cover at home, just email me

{fabric light garland}
Barrett's favorite project!
We worked on "pattern power" making this baby!
blue, gray, orange...repeat...a million times!

My sis-in-law helped make the 'b-a-r-r-e-t-t' tags and cupcake toppers with her Cricut

gray and orange paper straws and cupcake liners from The Bakers Confections on Etsy
(cute, cute, cute stuff for the Bakers out there!!)

Gummy cars from Oriental Trading
They come individually wrapped. Assorted blue, green and red. I just picked out all the blue ones :)

The mommy snack area...

Chow time!
Cupcakes, and since it was morning, I threw in some fruit kabobs-cantelope, blueberries and peaches!

Saturday night family party-opening gifts with Kylie's help!

Barrett had to open gifts first, so after gifts we had taco soup and then treats!

 {guest book}

{family favors}
Cookies and a sucker
Sucker from Oriental Trading
(supposed to be a car, but Justin didn't think it looked much like one!)

{party treats}
More sweet treats! Thought these were bright and fun!
Just stuck a popsicle stick in sprinkled donut holes from Walmart Bakery. 

We made these Fruity Pebble treats for Barrett to take to school
(recipe here)
They were cute and SWEET! His teacher told me I "really sugared them up"...Ooops!!
I told her I would have made a healthier snack, but it was his birthday!

Another fun Birthday week!
And the very best part of it all...we finally got to host the birthday festivities in our OWN house!

Love you, Barrett Russell!


  1. LOVE it!!! Super cute! =) Fabulous job as always!!!!

  2. You are so good!!! Awesome party, such cute details! So far it's looking as though Mater is our suggested theme, no idea what to do with that!!

    Oh, any gifts that were a big hit, we are just trying to think of some new things for mason. When they have so many toys already, and I don't go shopping much to see what's new out there, gifts can be challenging!

    1. Amanda :) Barrett would love the 'Mater' theme!! You could make it more of a tow-truck theme...less Cars theme?? That might help with ideas for decorating, food, etc? He really liked the LeapPad that my parents got him. If Mason doesn't already have one. Great learning games...he likes to trace letters. AND also a little drill/carry tote tool set. Fisher Price, I think. The drill works-a switch to drill screws in and reverse to take out. Have fun!

  3. Everything looks great and I'm sure it was so much easier having it at your own house! Hard to believe he's 4 ALREADY!

  4. Great job. Loved the colors and the fact that it wasn't overly themed. :) I'm going to borrow the donut hole pops ideas for Gabe's 2nd birthday. It's going to be around brunch time, was thinking about making cake pops, but these are soooo much simpler! I've already pinned them to pinterest. :)

    1. Aww...total compliment coming from you!!! Can't wait to see Gabe's party! Yes, the donut holes were simple! So honored you pinned it! HA!!

  5. So cute...loved it all!
    I really like the color on your wall behind that black hutch/shelf. Can you share the color please?

    1. Of course I will share!! It is Sherwin Williams- Whole Wheat! It's pretty light for my taste, but I knew I'd be doing photo shoots in there, so I didn't want too dark. My Kitchen is Baguette (two steps darker on the color card), and the entry and halls are Camelback (the color between Whole Wheat and Baguette on the color card). Happy painting!!

  6. I love love love this party! Its not black and white and not primary colors! Could you please email me the "printables" you used?

  7. I sent you an email with my address.


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