Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Before & After {the mudroom}

We have almost been in the house for one month. That doesn't even seem possible!
AND we have had just a few days/nights "off" from home projects. We are having a blast, 
but we are ready for the day we can just enjoy...that is a long ways away!

One of the first projects to complete was the mudroom closet.
I saw this idea on Pinterest several months back, and loved it! 
I knew then if we got this house, the mudroom closet would be the perfect place to do this! 

Here is the BEFORE....
{I am bummed I didn't get a really good "before," with the bi-fold doors on, and the old linoleum floors}

We took off the bi-fold doors, which made a huge difference in opening up the small room. 
They were always getting in the way. The door to the kitchen (on left), the door to the garage (on right) and the bi-folds were constantly crashing into each other. 

We painted the inside of the closet with the same color as the kitchen (Baguette-Sherwin Williams).
Then added the bench with baskets and small storage tower (from Target!). 

I wanted this to be a clean space for a little extra storage.
I found the three plastic bins up top at Walmart in the clearance isle. 
The little pillow is Walmart too! Everything else we had.

Now, we always know where our keys are when we're ready to walk out the door!!
The long basket is a great spot to toss the mail when we get home. 

A little bowl of chapstick, hand sanitizer, etc. for before you head out.
My friend Danielle gave us the "McPherson" piece. I need to have it framed. 
Barrett knows that his hats and gloves are in the middle basket =)

We LOVE it!!


  1. Whoa girl! =) You have wasted no time in making your new house a home! Love it!! So happy for you guys!

  2. FUN!! I LOVE it!!! You guys have been so busy!! Isn't is amazing to see ideas come together? You are making that house your home!

  3. THAT is awesome!!! Way to go! :)

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  5. Ooops, hubby forgot to sign out! I was trying to say...

    That looks great! I always wish we had a little mud room area in our house. Can't wait to see more finished projects!


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