Thursday, May 29, 2008

3 Memories on Thursday!!

These are THREE not so great MEMORIES, but the reward I got from enduring them is priceless and I wouldn't change a thing!

Memory ONE~ Something is changing!! was a year ago this week that I started getting a bit nauseous from the little bean growing inside me! It was the week after Memorial Day weekend, and my secretary was on vacation all week. I was the only one in the office and found myself pulling the trash can out from under my desk, or running to the bathroom on a daily basis. Nobody except my parents and my in-laws knew about the little bean, so I would call Mom and she would bring me crackers, sprite, anything to try and help curb the nauseous feeling. Nothing worked! Ahh...pregnancy!! After this was all downhill for the next 3 months! More on that in a later post!

Memory TWO~Previously enjoyable and lovely scents were now unbearable! I used to love scented laundry detergent...ahh, fresh rain & lavender....then all of the sudden my senses heightened and I couldn't take it. Still to this day I don't like any scent on my fresh laundry. I use ALL Free & Clear. The only scented detergent I like is Barrett's ALL baby scent :) Once I started wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes again, I would pull a shirt off the hanger and get a whiff of the old scented detergent and the bad memories would come back...I've since had to re-wash all the clean clothes in my closet with the Free & Clear!!

Memory THREE~Gotta keep something in my stomach! Although I had no appetite, it was important to try and keep something in my stomach at all times. It was just a horrible feeling all around. I was part of a message board during this time and tried everything anyone suggested, of course nothing offered relief!

There aren't really any pleasant pictures to go with this here's one of my favorites of my belly starting to grow. This was taken at 17weeks (August 3, 2007), I think. It was for a "7 days" scrapbook class I was doing with Alicia! This was around the time when I finally started to enjoy my pregnancy! This summer, I'm so happy to have my baby boy! I know all those months of sickness he put me through was just him growing into a happy, healthy, beautiful boy!!


  1. Poor you - and you had to keep it a secret at work. Yikes. Yeah, I'm not so sure about the morning sickness issues that come with pregnancy. My older sister had terrible morning sickness with all three of hers so I know that I'm doomed. Like you, she's always said that the baby in the end is all worth it, but as throwing up is one of my biggest fears, I'm not so sure. ;-)

  2. I LOVE THOSE PICS!! Some of my most favorite preg pics ever.

  3. You had the most adorable pregnant tummy!

    This time last year, we was waiting to see if we were pregnant. It's funny how even though we're so happy that she's here, I ocassionally miss being pregnant a little.


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