Friday, May 30, 2008

Flashback Friday~Poppy Court

Amber posted a picture in her Flashback Friday that put me in the mood to reminisce about my college days! Well, my sophomore through senior years anyway.
I lived in a house on Poppy Court with Audra, Christie and Amber. Megan lived there for a summer and came to visit a lot! We also had a handful of roommates, most of whom none of us got along with :) My parents bought the house when my older brother was in college, and it's been full of college kids and memories ever since! My little brother is living there now, but after he finishes his last few classes this summer, my parents plan to sell it. GOOD BYE Poppy Court house....we'll miss you!
The girls and I had some great experiences there and I wouldn't trade a single day in that house for anything. Here are some of my favorite memories:
*Being scared out of our britches one night after dark when we heard tapping on the kitchen window and what sounded like footsteps on the ROOF! It was too dark to see out the window and with the lights on inside we knew whoever was out there could see right in, so we all ran to the hallway and huddled up on the floor. We thought someone was breaking in. I'm pretty sure we even called the police. Then found out it was some of our crazy guy friends!
*Our first "party" at the house....things got a little out of hand! A neighbor down the street, we call Waterboy (he watered his lawn non-stop), was a bit upset with all the beer cans in his yard! "Okay, thanks!"
*The night we were coming home from Aggieville in Kane's (Audra's husband) truck, and Christie lost her lunch out the back window...Kane had to go wash the truck!
*The "Velvet Love Machine"...our name for a huge red velvet bean bag type thing! Does anyone have pictures of that 'ol thing?!?! It was great for napping!
*Brent (Megan's husband) & the Goldschlager shots
*The time I got a bottle cap stuck in the garbage disposal!
*Wearing our aprons & "baking" pies in the kitchen with Audra; Eating Chipolte burritos on the living room floor; Pulling all-nighters in my room building that darn model; Having 3 other closets to wear clothes from; Scavenger hunts around the house; and oh so many more!!

I have so many great pictures from our Poppy Court Days. I'll have to share more later. Those were some good times...I love you Audra, Amber, Christie & Megan!!!


  1. Great memories! My only regret is that I moved out a year too early. I think we need to have a girl's weekend there before your parents sell it. What do you think?

  2. That is so funny! I just posted pictures and they are basically the same ones you put up. Hope your day is going well. love you!


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