Wednesday, May 14, 2008

THREE Random Fav Things on Thursday!

ONE---My Ozark Herbals beeswax lip balm stick in MINT TINGLE

I buy one stick of this every September at bluegrass and try to make it last me through the year. Well, last year I ran out in June or July. So, why didn't I buy TWO sticks this year? I'll blame it on the pregnancy brain! Ozark Herbals is a body care & fragrance vendor that comes to the festival every year to sell their herbal soaps and lip balms. They also have candles and pet soap!

TWO---OPI Dutch Tulip nail polish
My friend Christie gave me a bottle of this when I graduated from college (is that right, Christie) in 2002! I've probably bought five more since then! It's my favorite color to put on my toes! As soon as Spring comes every year, I can't wait to get that polish out and paint my toes! It's perfect for sandal season!

THREE---Cranberry Limeades from Sonic!
I'm addicted...what else is there to say! Thank you Lord for HAPPY HOUR!!!

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  1. HA! So glad I got you hooked on dutch tulips :) I have never tried the cranberry drinks. I will have to remember to do that next time I am in town. Have fun in Manhattan!


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