Friday, May 9, 2008

Flashback Friday~1998

Thought I'd dedicate this week's flashback to my dear friend, Bethany! After all...she is the reason I jumped on this blogging bandwagon! To tell you the truth, I'm not exactly sure when Bethany and I became friends. We went to school together during middle and high school. It was in high school that we became close and hung out together quite a bit. I remember laughing till my sides hurt during "girls nights" with Bethany, Casse and Renae.

This picture is from my freshman year of college at
K-State. I don't remember many details of the visit, other than I was extremely homesick and having Bethany there made me forget all about that for the day. My mom took this picture of us, standing in front of my dorm,West Hall. The date stamp says it was taken on September 26, 1998, which should be accurate.

I have a few comments on this picture... 1)It's hilarious that we're both wearing drawstring pants! Must have been the style in '98! 2) My shirt is tucked in! HA....I haven't tucked my shirt in for years!! 3) We both had SHORT hair! 4) Those shoes....they were Doc Marten (remember those?) sandals! Those darn things weighed 10 pounds, and contributed to one of the most miserable days of my life!! It was probably about a month before this picture was WHY am I still wearing them here?!?! Anyway, It was the first week of classes at KSU. I was new to the campus and not really sure where in the heck most of my classes were. On our schedules, the buildings were all abbreviated. So, I was headed to my first Macroeconomics class in Th Hall. After talking to my older brother, who had just graduated from K-State, we decided it was Thompson Hall...makes sense, right? So off I go on the LONG walk from my dorm to Thompson Hall, in my 10 pound sandals! Get all the way to the sign of Macroeconomics! Find some kind soul and ask for help! They take a look at my schedule and inform me that Macroecon. is in THROCKMORTON Hall (Th), not Thompson (T)....Ahhhh!!!! So, wanna guess WHERE Throckmorton is?!?

I've labeled the campus dorm is on the right, Thompson (wrong hall) is on the left, and Throckmorton (where I was supposed to be) is in the upper center! Please note, KSU campus is HUGE, and my class was literally on the total opposite side of campus from where I stood! So, with blisters already forming on my feet, I started the trek across campus to class. It was hot, and tears were welling in my eyes. My heart was pounding...I was just a wee little freshman, and I was going to be late to one of my first classes! I think by the time I got there, I just stood in the hall and listened to the end of the lecture. It was one of those huge classes...close to 200 people, so I wasn't about to wonder in and try to find an empty seat! There you have it...don't you feel sorry for me?!?

So, a little off-subject there! Thanks for the visit all those years ago, Bethany! You have always been a wonderful friend, and even though we're thousands of miles away from each other now...our frequent (extremely long) emails and blogs keep us feeling like we never miss a moment in each other's life! I love you, girl!


  1. Get out of town! I love the picture. You were so stylish now and back then! Hope you are having a good Friday.

  2. when I first pulled your blog up, I thought, man, that kinda looks like me way back when. And then I started reading...while laughing and crying!

    Laughing at my HIDEOUS outfit!! I thought I was rather up on the fashions but obviously not on that day! :) Oh my, oh my! And I NEVER EVER EVER tuck my shirts in either! But, I guess back in 1998 it was the cool thing to do! That and wear draw strings of course!!!

    And crying because well, sometimes I just do that! Doesn't everyone sit at their computer and just cry now and then?!! Anyway, I remember that day quite well to be honest! I rode up with your mom (it was some special day on campus) and we went to a football game and hung out. And then we stopped at your aunt's house on our way home from visiting you!!

    Wow...that was TEN years ago!! Where does the time go?! Thanks for taking me on a little trip down memory lane this afternoon! I have some fun pics of you, Casse and Renae too...maybe I need to dig those out for old time sake!!

  3. So I tried to add this right after my first comment but blogger was NOT having any of it!!

    I just wanted to say thanks for dedicating a post to me...I feel famous! It is like my 15 minutes of fame or something!!

    You are a great friend and I cherish our extremely long e-mails! Can't wait to see you soon! And no, I will NOT be wearing draw string jeans to our reunion! HA HA HA!

    Love ya! (By the way, Gentry is rocking it out to your playlist!!)


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