Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Before & After

Here are some BEFORE & AFTER pictures of my sweet little kitchen! No need to adjust your kitchen really IS that TINY! I like to refer to it as COZY!

BEFORE fridge...boring & not the right size for our nook
AFTER fridge...perfect for the nook!

BEFORE range...
Ugh! Those burners, they're bringing back bad memories already!!

AFTER clean looking! Did I mention I LOVE IT!?!

Back in October or November, while I was pregnant, we got a new microwave and portable dishwasher! Yes, since my kitchen is so "cozy" there is nowhere for a built-in dishwasher! BUT i was positive I didn't want to bring a baby into this house without the modern-day convenience of a dishwasher! It has saved me WEEKS (really...if you added up all the time I used to spend standing at the sink washing dishes by hand) of time! I love it and I don't know how we lived for five years without it!
So, this weekend, we were finally able to get a NEW fridge & range for our kitchen!! Even though we haven't really used them yet, I love them already! We made cookies in the oven the other night and they were perfect! I told Justin, "See Honey, all these years it wasn't my baking skills, it was the darn oven"! I am so excited that I don't ever have to clean those burners again! Now all I have to do is wipe and I'm done...what will I ever do with that extra hour every week?!? Okay, maybe it didn't take that much time from my life, but it seemed like it!
After the fridge came on Monday, we had to wait at least 24 hours to use any of the ice it made, and we took all of our food out to my parent's house so we haven't re-stocked it yet. After tonight everything should be back up and running in the kitchen. My favorite thing about the fridge is the water and ice in the door!! Many of you have probably had this feature for years, so you can't understand my excitement. I've started drinking water all the time now, and is was such a hassle to get ice out of our old fridge (with my hand!) and then I would usually just drink tap water, because I never had time to keep the Brita filled. Now I have the convenience of crushed or cubed ice and filtered water! Ahh...Heaven!! Notice how many times I've said convenience in this post?!?! The joys of new appliances!
Our next project will be new counter tops and fresh paint!


  1. Looks fantastic! if you think your kitchen is small you should see mine :) but somehow I have a dishwasher (it's one of the under the sink kind) - but I think I would have rather had the cabinet space. -Jamie

  2. wow I love the new appliances, they ake your kitchen look so trendy!

  3. I love it! Looks so nice and sleek. Thanks for putting up photos I have been curious.

  4. FUN! Love the new stuff! Thanks for sharing...your home is so cozy and warm!!


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