Thursday, May 1, 2008

A little variety for ya!

Okay, so obviously I EAT, SLEEP & BREATHE Barrett Russell these days. I can't help taking millions of pictures of him and talking about him non-stop! I know you all love him too, but I'm sure you wouldn't mind a little splash of variety in my blog :)

I've decided to start some weekly posting traditions!! Thanks to my friends for the ideas and inspiration!

*Monday's Letters to my Little Bear
Since I'm horrible at real "pen & paper" journaling, I thought this would be a good way to write a weekly letter to Barrett, my Little Bear! One of my best friends, Amber, said she writes letters to her daughter as a keepsake. (Thanks for the idea, Amber.) They will be great treasures that I HOPE Barrett will enjoy reading one day. It will also be fun for me to look back and see what was happening in our life that week and what special milestones & moments Barrett had.
Oops, I just realized this centers around Barrett again...see, I can't help it!

*THREE on Thursday
My friends are so good for ideas....This one comes from Bethany, who does SIX on Saturday. Well, I'm just not sure I can come up with six interesting things about me every week, so I'll start with three :) Each Thursday (I'll admit in advance, I might miss a few Thursdays) I'll post THREE fun facts about ME! I hope some of my other blogger friends will join in this too! Even if you've known someone forever, there's always something you might not know about them!

*Flashback Friday
Here I am again, using Bethany's ideas! I LOVE going through old pictures, so this post will be a hoot for me! Yes, I just said "hoot"...stop laughing! Every Friday I'll post a picture from my past for everyone amusement!
Here's one to wet your tastebuds...It's a small flashback, only 5 1/2years!
Our wedding day~October 26, 2002. The quality is horrible because, even though it's hard to believe, this was before the digital age! So, most of my wedding pictures have been scanned into digital files!

Watch might see yourself one of these weeks!
Oooo...I can't wait for tomorrow!!

I'm so excited about the weekly post ideas :) AND don't worry, there will be plenty of Barrett pictures sprinkled in between!!

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  1. Oh are a great writer! I don't know what you were talking about! You had me laughing out loud in this post! The letters to Barrett is such a GREAT idea. I wish I would have thought about that 3 1/2 years ago when I had Huntler! I thought I was NEVER going to forget a single word, date, or event, but let's be real here...I have forgotten WAY more than I remember! You and Amber are so smart thinking of this! You guys will cherish those precious notes as your kids get older and your mind becomes foggier!


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