Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bluegrass THREE on Thursday :)

I LOVE September! When I hear September, I think BLUEGRASS! I am sooo lucky to live in the same town that hosts the Walnut Valley Festival every year, the third weekend in September. Bluegrass is always hard for me to describe! It's a 5-day vacation of music, crafts, food, camping and more! Thousands of people come to Winfield for the festival, from all 50 states and even other countries! There are 4 "official" music stages entertaining from sunrise to sunset each day. There are also several "unofficial" stages that exist within the campgrounds. One of our favorites is Stage 5! The atmosphere at Bluegrass is so friendly, it's unlike any feeling you'll ever have. Campers from all over refer to coming to the festival as 'coming home'. You can enjoy amateur music throughout the campgrounds around the clock. Some of the best tunes can be heard on the dirt road of the Pecan Grove at 3am...crowds of people will gather around to listen, as a melting pot of musicians that have never met before break out in, banjos, mandolins, bases and more!

My favorite official stage is Stage II. In the middle of the day it can be HOT, but in the evenings it can be perfect, as you sit on the grassy hill under the stars! Every year, for as long as I can remember, I've been going to the Bluegrass festival. In high was a good excuse to stay out really late. We'd walk the campgrounds for hours, visiting the campsites of friends. In college...I counted down the days from the start of school until it was time to go home for Bluegrass! The first day of class in the Fall, I would look over the syllabus and pray there weren't any tests that fell the third week of September. As a newlywed...My husband shares the same love of the festival. Now each year we both take off the whole week of bluegrass and the Monday after-it's our recovery day! The 2008 festival will be my first as a mom...I look forward to taking Barrett down during the days to enjoy the music and camp life. BUT hopefully we'll have some 'eager to babysit overnight' grandparents, so Mommy can really enjoy nightlife in the Grove this year. Last year, I was pregnant! So I just sat back and laughed at all my friends!

THREE-Favorite Pictures from the last few years!

These are the guys from our camp having a jam session. My hubby is on the right, playing banjo!

Jeff (Justin's brother), Bria (great family friend), Me (pregnant with Barrett)
& Justin--hanging out at camp!

Late night in the grove with my sis, Kim & friend, Tonya!

The famous post-it van...someone had a late night!

Cooking at camp...Tonya and Emily make pasta salad!

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