Monday, September 7, 2009

I {heart} Faces: Back to School

I'm participating in another Challenge at I {heart} Faces...
Week 35: "Back to School" Photo Challenge

I didn't sleep well last Thursday night. I was nervous and my belly hurt.

Friday morning would be Barrett's first day at Kid's Day In (KDI). KDI is a half day, Christian based child care program that takes place every Friday from 9am-1pm at our church. It is for children ages six months to five years. The children get to participate in crafts, music, Bible stories, recreation and interaction with other kids. The mommies get to enjoy a little time for themselves.

Barrett looked like such a sweet little school boy, standing outside the back door with his lunch bag. My heart ached at the thought of leaving him...but I did it. More pictures, and the story of how that went later.

Go check some of the other "Back to School" photos and enter your own!


  1. Cute picture! It's always so hard to leave little ones...I had to leave my son for a week and thought I wasn't going to make it! :)

  2. How sweet. I am still dropping off my youngest at preschool with tears everytime! Hope your experience was a good one.

  3. Darling little school boy. ♥ Great photo.

    have a happy week.

  4. the only thing that got me through drop-offs ... besides knowing that i was going to do a pick up later ... was having a necklace that i wear daily with my girl's names on it. it's my prized possession. and (hint hint) if you ever need one ... i've started making them in order to help afford my photography materials and such!
    your pictures are absolutely beautiful ... loved "meeting" you.

  5. He is so cute. Really adorable! How nice that your church does such a fun thing! Very cool!

  6. How adorable! He is ready to go isn't he? Great picture!

  7. what a cutie! hope your day out was a good one


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