Friday, September 11, 2009

lost pictures...

I downloaded some pictures from the point-and-shoot the other day, and discovered some "lost pictures" from the Summer.


I'm not even sure when these were of our trips to the river in late May or early June, I would guess???

We enjoy going to "the river" with our friends, Heidi and Mitch. Heidi's dad has a beautiful little place right on the river. It's perfect for sitting around a campfire in the evening. Heidi and I chat... the kiddos play with the sand, sticks and bugs...and Justin and Mitch fish.

There's a great sand bar, just below where we hang out. Barrett and Addison loved running along it.
On this night, I got my first ride on an air boat. Heidi's dad has one, and it was so beautiful to cruise down the river as the sun was setting. I'd never seen the landscapes of this area like that before. It was like being in a whole new place. We even saw some deer on the banks. The air boat is super loud, so you have to wear things over your ears. It's a bummer you can't chat, but it's also kind of relaxing to just sit back and enjoy the view, with the cool wind blowing in your face.

We left Barrett with Heidi's brother, while we went for our cruise. We thought it might be too loud for him this time. Maybe next year he can go...I think he'd love it!


These pictures are from Barrett's first trip to the City swimming pool. It was the beginning of August, and we met some of our friends there. I wish we would have tried it out earlier in the Summer, because the kids really enjoyed it. Except for the dragon was fun to climb up, but most of them were scared to go down after they got to the top. WHO would want to slide through two jets of water hitting you right in the side of the face anyway? Not sure who designed the slide...but the water that sprays out as your sitting down at the top of the slide is NOT at a good height for little ones. I think it shot right into Barrett's little ears! Maybe next year he'll be a bit taller.

Hadley had a ball running around! She belongs to my friend, Amber.

Lydia Grace loved climbing up the stairs on the slide. She belongs to my friend, Audra.

Barrett and Norah Kate playing in the water.
Norah Kate belongs to my friend, Megan. (She needs to get a blog, so I can link her, huh?!?)

Then, it was time for a snack!
Notice Hadley and Barrett holding cute!


These are from a picnic at the park in late August. We met Mimi, Kylie, Emily, Grandpa Everett and Grandma Jenny for lunch, and to feed the ducks. We wanted to take advantage of some of the last days of Summer before the girls started back to school.

Kylie and Emily love to carry Barrett around on their back...
I think he loves it just as much!

Barrett and Grandma Jenny

With his Mimi...feeding the ducks

I think that's all from the "lost picture" file for now! I'm glad to have my digital scrapbook caught up! I wouldn't want to miss documenting any of our memories!

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  1. I love pictures of kids and daddys from the back. So sweet! I agree that Megan needs a blog! I was telling Brent at his appt that I like seeing pictures of Nora Kate on your blog.


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