Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sunflower Fields

After seeing a post on Audra's blog, I decided we'd take advantage of their sunflower fields in bloom and try and get some pictures. I put Barrett in his cute little plaid shirt and we went to pick up Mimi, Kylie and Emmy. We got out to the sunflower field after 5:30, but the sun was still pretty high and it was HOT! What happened to that cool weather we'd had for the last week?

Barrett was not a fan of the sunflowers. He didn't want to stand by them, didn't want to walk around in them, didn't want to have his picture taken by them...really, he didn't want anything but his Mimi!

This boy LOVES his Mimi!

Sunflower fields::September 2008
8 months

Sunflower fields::September 2009
19 months

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  1. I am loving the sunflowers too! I haven't made it out yet with the boys to get pics...on my list of things to do and not yet crossed off! ha ha Maybe this week? Rain is not helping me either.


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