Thursday, September 24, 2009

Letters to my Little Bear~19th edition

HAPPY 20 MONTHS, Little Bear!!!

Ahh, those eyes...
and those eyelashes...
they melt me every time!

You insisted that George, you're favorite sleeping buddy, be in the monthly pictures this time!
I think this is by far the {silliest} monthly monkey session we've had! You are a little HAM!

You celebrated your {20 month milestone} during Bluegrass, so I'm a little late posting the pictures! Mommy thought it only appropriate that you have your picture taken in your NEW tie-dye outfit! Daddy and I spent a good chunk of time searching all the tie-dye booths for just the right one! I love the brown, burnt orange and turquoise in this one. Perfect for our Little Bear.

You are spunky and loving all at the same time! A true mix of colors that can go from a happy yellow to a frustrated red, or sad blue in the blink of an eye. Ahh...the joys of toddler-hood! Lucky for us, the majority of the time you're a sweetie.

I wish I would start writing down things that you're doing or saying throughout the month, because once I sit down to write these letters to you, my mind goes to mush.

You love to stack blocks and make towers. You would live outside all day, if we'd let you. You can drink a sippy cup of strawberry milk without taking a single breath. You love your family...saying Mimi, Kylie, Emmy, Gigi, Papa, Emma all day long. You talk on your play phone while we're in the car. You dance to Mommy and Daddy's loud Bluegrass music. You are a pro at feeding yourself with a spoon and fork. You love to walk around in Mommy's shoes. You line your cars up in a straight line when you're playing. You think you can jump really high. You're getting better at telling us what you want. You're still not the best eater in the world. You love bath time. You haven't shown much interest in the potty chair for a few weeks. You can hear a choo-choo before anyone else. When you see Mommy with her camera, you say "cheeeeese." You have a great bedtime routine. Anytime you see Mommy brushing her teeth, you point to your toothbrush, and say "teeth, teeth." You like to drink from a straw. You have to have "ice, ice" in your water. You don't like to have food or dirt on your hands. You enjoy cuddle time on the couch with Mommy before your naps. You love Elmo, and you point him out on your diapers every time I change you.

This outfit reminds me of another picture....
May 2008, 4 months old

We love you bunches, Little Bear!
Mommy & Daddy


  1. Look at the light in those eyes. He is a beautiful boy, but you knew that already. I love the way you are keeping this blog for him and for you. Love love love it! Love you too!

  2. That top picture is just precious! He is so darn cute!

  3. I love that onesie! And look at all those teeth! Check out Health World and get some Spry Infant Tooth Gel. It's xylitol gel without a bunch of other funky ingredients. The xylitol kills the bacteria that cause decay, so it's totally awesome to use before (and after) he is old enough for fluoride toothpaste!


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